I woke up quacking this morning. Yes, you read me right, quacking.  Like a duck.  I don't even know how to begin to describe to you the dream I was having, but it all ended with me imitating a duck.  I have been having CRAZY dreams lately.  I have a reoccurring one about me being Taylor Swift. But, like, I'm still me.  It's this whole Hannah Montana take on it.  Weird, right?  A couple summer's ago, I was in a pretty strange spot in my life.  I had just lost my job and I was so heartbroken and I fell into this slump.  I don't know what else to call it.  I wasn't depressed, I just got weird.  It was probably as close to a hipster as I will ever be.  I started pan-handling at night in Salt Lake and playing my harmonica outside Temple Square and talking to the people who drive the horse carriages.  And I spent my days in the library reading about lucid dreaming.  It was so interesting in it and wanted to be able to do it whenever.  Basically, what lucid dreaming is where you are aware you are dreaming and you have complete control over what happens in your dream.  I talked to my friends about it and they all claimed to be able to do it whenever they wanted.  I  absolutely did not believe them, though.  Lucid dreaming is pretty difficult to do.  I read tons of books on it and literally had to train myself to do it.  After about two weeks of doing all the exercises day in and day out, it finally started to work.  I was being able to control my dreams, but they were still really weird.  My favorite thing to do was breathe under water but I never flew.  I wish I had made myself fly, I don't know why I never did.  As my life started to put itself back together, you know, I got a new job, made some new friends I quit doing my exercises for the dreams and completely lost my ability to do it.  I'm sad, but I think I am going to try to get back into it.  I highly suggest trying it.

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