I don't feel like giving this post a title.

Best thing about today? I get to see Landon tomorrow.
I tried calling him last night so I could say goodnight to him, but he didn't answer.  I was mad, but then he apologized.
...yep... that's pretty much how it went....wow, that is not a pretty picture.
It's been pretty slow today.  I've only done a few tests and only have a couple left, we are hoping for a busier day tomorrow. Or, at least I am.  The time definitely goes by faster.
I am pretty excited for tonight, I am going to ice cream with the in-laws at our favorite joint down here.  After that, I am packing up and going to bed.  Tomorrow is going to be a long one because I don't get to just drive 30 minutes back home, I'll probably roll in around ten.  I hope.  And who knows, maybe we'll break out the snowboards on Saturday for one of the last rides of the winter.  Looks like spring is decided to show it's face.  


  1. are you kidding me. that picture is gold.

    1. haha I took it and knew that it couldn't not go on my blog.


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