Last Night in St. George

I am clean and I am painting my fingernails with Del Sol nail polish that changes color when you go in the sun.  I was just going to paint one finger and test it out tomorrow, but who am I kidding? You can't just paint one nail. The only time you paint one nail is when you are in the store trying to decide if you are actually going to buy it.  And then you have to try to wipe it off on something if you don't like it, because if you try it you buy it.  No one knows why I'm even bothering though, my hands have been taking a beating this week. All the polish will be destroyed within the next 24 hours or so.  Ah well.  After that, I will be home and I will just paint them again. AND I will be with Landon!! Oh my gosh I cannot wait!! I miss him so much.  If you can't tell. haha
Well, I went out on a little ride in the side by side with Cara today before it got dark.  It was so fun we went down in the river bed and rode through the sand.  We started going on some trails up on the bank and sort of exploring when suddenly the trail was all but gone.  We were getting whacked in the faces with really big sticks and thorns.  We were pretty much past the point of no return and just had to keep going.  By the time we got out of the mini jungle we were covered in burs and I had been laughing so my mouth was all full of weeds.  It was so funny, but we made sure we didn't go back that way.  After we got back we went to Krave.  It's this delicious ice cream place down here and we love it.  I treated since Dale and Cara have been amazing for letting me stay with them for the entire week.  I have had a lot of fun down here with these guys and I have learned a lot working at the lab, but I can definitely say that I am so excited to get back to Provo. 

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