The Lovlies in my Life

This weekend was SO much fun! Friday Landon and I got to work together FINALLY!! We have worked for the same company for almost a year now and this is the first time he has worked at the lab while I was there.  It was pretty slow, but we managed to pass the time.  For instance, here is a video of Landon eating a package of grape Hawaiian Punch mix.  Bryce and I tried to do just a little bit of it a could weeks ago and we both had to spit it out in the sink because it was so nasty.
He is such a champ.  I had to bribe him to do it with a new video game for his Play Station Vita.
Friday night we went boarding with Landon's family.  The snow was fantastic.  Landon and his mom sat in the lodge for the first little bit because he was waiting for his snowboard that was getting waxed, so Skyler and I went by ourselves for a couple runs.  I was so nervous to get off the lift without Landon.  Ever since "the accident" I can't get off the lift without Landon helping me down.  So I asked Skyler, I said, "Do you think if I just put my foot inside the binding that would give me better balance when I get off?"  And he was all, "Yeah, I bet that would work."  So we get to the top and I have my foot halfway in the binding and I stepped down and tried to put it in the rest of the way before I started boarding down and I caught my front edge so hard it slammed me down on the ground.  I am pretty sure I left a 2 inch deep body print in the snow.  It was pretty hilarious and I decided never to do that again.  The next run, Skyler just suggested I strap in completely before getting off instead of just putting my foot in the binding. Genius.  I will never need help getting off the lift again if I go about it that way.  The rest of the night was amazing.  I LOVE snowboarding.  It is so much fun!
Saturday came rolling around and Landon and I headed up to Kaysville to have Soul Food Saturday at our friend's house.  It was delicious.  It was an afternoon with my best friends and some really good southern barbecue.  We ate WAY too much and then we played games all night.  I miss those guys so much.  I don't seem them nearly as much as I would like to.  But the great thing about best friends is no matter how far away you live or how long it's been since you saw each other last, you just pick up right where you left off as if it was yesterday.  Brant got surgery on his shoulder last Tuesday and he was all loopy from the pain meds he had to take every couple hours.  He was saying the most ridiculous things it was hilarious.  And I managed to get a video of him popping and locking.  Enjoy...

He will do great things. :)  We had such a fun time with those guys and we are so going to do it again soon!
Sunday, Landon and I taught our lesson in Sunday School and after church we called up Sky and his amazing girl friend Emily and had em come over to play football at the park next to our apartment.  The weather was BEAUTIFUL!  We threw the ball around and played Jackpot for a bit then we went over to the playground and played tag.  It was a perfect day.  A perfect weekend, really.


  1. you forgot about how your bff wasn't there. so it wasn't all your best friends. gosh. ;)

    i kid. i would have been there but i got lost in salt lake trying to get back from the cheesecake factory. i should get a gps.

    you guys are cute. :)

    1. yeah.. it's almost expected for you to get lost in salt lake....haha only joking....sort of.

  2. bahahaha. i kind of figured. i wondered if brant thought i was lying to try to get out of hanging out with everybody, but then i thought, "if whitney's there, she'll let them know the truth."


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