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iiiiiiiiiiiit's THURSDAY!! and you know what THAT means don't you? Yeah. Me neither.  It means that I have four days until I have to go back to class.  Which you might think is awesome until I tell you that up until today, I thought next week was spring break, so for the past week I've been thinking that I have eleven days til my next class, then four sounds pretty crappy.  Ah well.  NEXT Thursday I will have eleven days til my next class.  We'll see if I can make it until then.
How about I share with you something I found on Pinterest.  It's a funny story, really.  Well, maybe not to you, but I spent a good three minutes laughing at it myself:
Now, this wasn't funny to me initially because it had happened to me before and I related to it.  No, quite the opposite actually, I couldn't relate to it at all because I had no idea what a duvet was and in those few minutes I spent pondering this, I imagined every possibility of what a duvet could be.  First, I was trying to decide how to pronounce it.  I was 99.9% sure it's pronounced doo-vay, but also I was skeptical.  Just because it ended in "et" doesn't automatically mean it's French.  So there was a .01% that is was pronounced duh-vet.  So, I read it twice interchanging the two words, and I decided doo-vay sounded much better.  Then the images that came to my mind were:
-A zipper- though I don't know of anyone who pulls up their zipper so hard that they end up punching themselves in the face so that was off the table, until I thought of a jacket zipper and it was back on the table.
-A foreign car-that came to my mind more because of the wording.  Pulling up and all.  As in,  "Did you see me pull up to the party in my new Duvet?  But why would you punch yourself in the face for driving a foreign car? Unless the car was really crappy and gets bad gas mileage...  That's what my car is like, and yeah, sometimes it makes me want to punch myself in the face.  So that theory never left the table, either.
-A document comparable to a resume.  This came to mind probably just because they both end with the "eh" sound.  And some people's resumes make them punch themselves in the face.  Mostly because they suck.  My resume makes me punch myself in the face because of how awesome and over qualified I am for everything.

This process of deciding what a duvet could possibly be continued for like I said, about three minutes and with each new theory I would laugh harder because they all ended with me punching myself in the face.  And it was indeed an awkward moment each time.  I decided not to look up what a duvet was because I didn't want to ruin the magic.  But today, I broke down and googled what a duvet was.  Turns out it's a blanket.  It's not even French.  It's like, Scandinavian or something.  And it's that one that looks like it's all far down on the bed so you'd have to yank on it to get it up to your chin, but it's actually really long and just folded down to look like it's short, so when you pull it that hard with all the unnecessary force you end up punching yourself in the face.  And suddenly I could relate to the joke.  Though the mental image I got from punching yourself in the face from a blanket being folded wasn't nearly as funny as the image I got for punching yourself in the face for driving a crappy, foreign car.


  1. hahaha that made my day. im glad you could figure it out :)

  2. haha I love that you didnt know what a duvet was. It makes this story so interesting and I am so glad you shared the it on the blog. Thanks for the laugh! oh man... you and your imagination:). Oh how I miss you!
    p.s I feel bad for those people who have actually punched themselves in the face while pulling up the duvet, very unfortunate.


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