Pi Day. This Post is Completely Unrelated to Pie.

I am just sitting here waiting for the phone call to go grab my samples of asphault on this lovely day in St. George.  It is day three without Landy and you would think it's getting easier as the days go by, but it's not.  So here is my list of things I miss:
2. My bed
3. My Walker lab peeps
4. Snowboarding

And here is a list of things I am extremely happy about:
1. I get to see Landon in two and a half days
2. I get to stay with amazing family who are so great and takes such good care of me instead of staying in a cold, gross, cockroach infested, armpit of a hotel room all by myself.
3. I was gone when the dead pheasant was discovered.
4. It's warm enough to ride dirt bikes down here and maybe I will get one more little ride in before I leave.

And here is a list of people I hate:
1. Ben Flajnick.

Now, you may say that is unfair to judge him just by what I saw of him on t.v. and base my opinion on stuff that could be completely edited.  And I have this to say to you.  Of course I will judge him for what was on t.v. and this is why- I could maybe understand that they edited him to look like a doofus on the last season of the Bachelorette because he was 100% inferior to the dude who won and they wanted you to like the other guy.  BUT when you are cast as THE Bachelor, they are not going to edit you to look like a moron.  They want every woman in America to be in love with him, so they are going to put all of the best of him on air.  So with that being said, assuming we got the best of Ben Flajnick on the Bachelor this season, I think it's fair to say that he sucks as a human being.  And his hair is disgusting.  Their is no way editing that fact of life out. 

Glad I got that off my chest.
Here is day three picture of Landon and me together even though we are apart.

The top two pictures are of us going crazy from being apart and the bottom two are how we defend ourselves in the face of danger.


  1. i think i remember seeing those final 2 poses in kung fu panda

    1. that is exactly where we learned them. Ten points to Paul.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly about Ben! Go JP! Boo Courtney. (Sorry I just threw two different seasons in one line.)
    And I think you would win in the face of danger! Not that.....Landon doesn't look tough.....

    1. haha I'm going more for a destruction tactic, Landon goes for the eyes.

      and Yes, JP is the best.

  3. ben sucks. his weird teeth. his francine fensky hair cut. his everything. it. ALL. has. got. to. GO. ew.

    1. word. to all of this.
      especially Francine's hair cut.

  4. My theory is if Ben is stupid enough to fall for Courtney, then they deserve each other. Stupid people these days.
    Tisk. Tisk.

    1. yep. worst bachelor couple in bachelor history. so glad it's over.


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