This Post is Going to be a Waste of Your Time.... Just a Heads Up.

Ok, we are down to one day until Spring Break.  I don't really know why I am counting down considering I really don't have anything planned.  I am just excited to not have school.  Pathetic, right? Right. I have work, that's pretty cool... And maybe I will do some night boarding with Skyler.  Landon has night classes again, so his night boarding days are over, unfortunately.  :(  I kind of feel like I am rambling here.
ok...something to blog abooooouuuuutttt...... Ok! Let's talk about the Bachelor season finale that's coming up on Monday.  First, let me clear some things up.
A. I DETEST Ben Flajnick. Worst Bachelor in the history of Bachelors.  Granted I have only been watching since last year, but I loved Brad, so...
and B. I DETEST Courtney.  The girl he proposes to.  How do I know? Duh.  Tabloids are all over it.  It's kind of like, "Oh good. I didn't want to wait all the way to end to find out."  But then again, it's like, "COME ON!! You just ruined the whole thing.  What's the point of even watching now."  I will tell you what the point is.  The drama. I shouldn't even waste an hour and a half of my life on this pure crap every week, but I can't not watch it.  I can't.  Don't tell me it's a free country because I literally have no control over this.
I am just holding on for the Bachelorette because I'm stoked for this girl.  And I feel like they are always trying to one up the previous season and just make up drama.  So this one outta be juicy.
It's occurring to me right now how ridiculously vain and gossipy I am being.  I'm just going to stop now.
I apologize for the world's pettiest blog post.
Not my fault, I've been suffering from severe writer's block today, regardless, I am sorry.

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  1. i loved every word. which sounds super creepy. regardless, i'll still read your petty blog posts.


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