I'm hanging out at the lab here in Snowfield waiting for some asphalt samples to come my way.  St. George people are excited that the paving is finally happening.  We even made the front page of The Spectrum! And also, apparently Romney is facing skepticism from people. Clearly not as important as the final paving though.

I realize I didn't give much info about how much fun this weekend was for us!  The weather seriously couldn't have been more perfect for us to take the bikes out.  We went on a 40 mile ride up to the bat caves and continued up into the mountains.  It was gorgeous.  We stopped and had some sandwiches and soaked in the sunshine.
We went for another ride on Sunday too, just putted around through the hills and played in the washes.  It was fun, but it was a little bit warmer than Saturday so we didn't stay out nearly as long. 

Last night, Landon dropped me off at my grandma and grandpa's house to go visit them.  My dad is down here for a couple days because he has a conference thing he is speaking at tomorrow.  We hung out with my everyone for about an hour and did what we Borders do best, we whipped out the instruments and had ourselves a little concert. I got to enjoy the show and videoed a little bit of it.  It's so funny, I love my family!

How great are they?  My great grandma on the drum is 93 years old and still rocking out.
My dad took me out to dinner after that, had ourselves a little daddy-daughter date, it was such a good time and way fun to just sit there and talk.  We don't get to do that as much anymore ever since I moved out and got married and stuff. 
After dinner, my dad dropped me off at the in-laws and we watched the Apprentice for a little bit before I headed to bed.  And as I crawled under the covers I had a painful reality check that I wouldn't be seeing Landon for a whole week and I got so sad.  Up until this weekend we haven't been apart for more than 24 hours since we've been married. So I am going through serious husband with drawls.  I almost don't know what to do with myself.  AND today is our two year anniversary from when he asked me to be his girlfriend. So I am double sad I don't get to go out and celebrate it with him tonight.  But I sent him a picture of me and he sent me one back so technically we have seen each other today. :)
I am so majorly in love with this guy.

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