My Week on Instagram

Sorry about the mild blogging hiatus... I've been busier than expected, plus now that I am going to the gym again, it's kind of cutting into my designated blog time.  I clearly need to sort out my priorities and Jersey Shore just isn't one of them.  So what have I been doing the last few days? I will show you via my instagram photos.  So if you follow me on instagram, you have already seen all this...if you don't, then you should follow me. whitneycalle is the name. follow me now. do it.
first, I have been hanging out with my mamasita since she has been down here is p-town for Women's Conference with her BFF Erin.  We have been having a blast.
and I didn't get a picture of Erin with us, but here is a picture of her from my fat booth app.
don't tell her I put this on my blog....
love it.
Then, my bro-in-law Skyler bought me some ridonkulous new running shoes because he loves me so much. check these puppies out!
ok, so he really bought them for me because he owed me like, $50 and there was a buy one get one half off deal going on a Shoe Carnival so I let him buy them for me to repay his debt.
Also, I finished my finals and this is my, "yay I'm done with stupid school for the next 4 months" face.
Then last night was Supercross here in Utah, and it was a fantastic race.  Ryan Dungey pulled into first with two laps left after being in 3rd the entire race.
the rest of the race I was just admiring my super amazing, ridiculously good looking better half of mine.
I mean, just look at that face. eeee!!

and now I am just chillin on the couch after having a delightful crepe brunch with Flanders and his mom, grandma and bro-ha. and we're about to go visit my familia. so excited.

promise to not leave you guys hanging for days at a time anymore.
happy weekending!

Thankful Wednesday

I don't know what it is, but I am just in a super amazing mood right now.  It's probably the endorphins pulsing through my body right now from my work out that practically floored me again.  But seriously, today was just great.  I realized today that sometimes I take the amazing things/people in my life for granted.  Like today at work, I was super busy and had tons of things to do and in any other situation I would be hating life. But the people I work with are so great that I wasn't even miserable.  I'd pretty much rather stay at this job forever than being a teacher if it meant I got to keep all my friends there. I love them.

and then there are all of you, my lovely poodles, that are always showing me and my bloggy love.  I've been making so many new friends lately through blogs, and I seriously love you all.  I couldn't ask for more amazing girls to show me love and friendship from all over the country. It's the best.

Sorry, I've been grumpy about finals and school lately, in 12 hours they will all be over and I promise you fantastic, well thought out blog posts from here on out.

DUH! I just figured out why today is amazing! It's the perfect date!

actually, it was kind of hot today. warm before the storm kinda deal. ah well, still an awesome date.

half way mark

I'm half way done with finals! I need to take one tonight before midnight and then I'll only have one left!! I'm starting to see a glimmer of hope and happiness.  Work was so busy today, I just came home and crashed on the couch for an hour.  Felt so good. And now I need to do a ton of cleaning, and go to the gym, paint my nails, clean some more, study before I take that final.... and what am I doing?

I am watching re-runs of the Jersey Shore.

I can't help it.  I think it's funny when Deena gets stuck under a couch.
fine...I'll go run.  Enjoy this youtube video while I'm gone.
and I'm back.  I know you can't tell, but I've been gone for a good two hours.  really knocked it out at the gym. aka, the gym knocked me out.  I haven't been much since the big knee injury, but now that classes are over and I have nothing to do with my evenings until Landon gets home, I might as well use my $25 a month gym membership. And then I went to the store and dropped $60 on produce. Here's to being healthy, I guess.  Now to go do my final.

p.s. I dare you to watch that video from start to finish.

"I hate everything about this week"

It was decided today at work that this week sucks.  I am officially running on fumes and I haven't even started my finals yet.  I am trying to put the finishing touches on my poetry portfolio, but I am dragging so bad I can barely focus. So I'm blogging.
Ok, now to stop whining.
So we went out to Duchesne this weekend because Flander's grandma is going on a mission, so we went to her farewell and to say goodbye.  On the drive out there, I was up front with Skyler and this tuck flashed it's brights at us.  And we're all, "oh man, there is a cop hiding out somewhere!" and we keep driving and there are no cops hiding anywhere.  And we were like, "that was weird." Then another car passes us and flashes its brights again.  Still no cop.  The next three cars flash their brights all in a row.  And I was like, "Maybe there is something wrong with us that we aren't realizing..."  And Sky was like, "Yeah, like what if the 'Thing on the Wing' in on the grill of the truck!"  and I got the funniest image in my brain and couldn't stop laughing.  If you don't know what I am talking about, the Thing on the Wing is from the Twilight Zone.  Here is a really poor clip of the episode and you can enjoy some old school horror moments.
Now, can you imagine that ape looking guy just hanging out on your grill as you're driving down the freeway? Me either.  I was dying.  Turns out there was a really bad crash up ahead that the cops hadn't made it to yet, so people were just warning us.

Perhaps, I should get back to my homework...
wanna read one of my final poems?  You can give me some constructive criticism if you want.  or you can just tell me how awesome it is.

The Flowers Bloomed From Smoke
The cigarette smoke smelled like daffodils
and painted the gray walls yellow.
The winter's morning yearned for sunshine
and shivered when it splashed over the ridge.
I was sleepy and the soles of my boots were worn.
I dreamt of floating in the frozen pond

because Butterbeer was simmering slow the ice.
The smoky snow melted beneath the morning's breath
and another cigarette was planted in the garden.

-Whitney Street
(if you plagiarize me, I will cut you.)

Happy Saturday

Ok, so celebrating the last day of school may be a little early.  I shouldn't start celebrating until I am done with finals because now I am getting my butt kicked.  I just can't wait to get back to work full time and have a stress free summer.
Thursday night I went up to Layton to say happy birthday/good bye to my broseph and my dad.  They are headed out to Ohio to sell pesticides for the summer.  My brother has huge dreams of becoming a helicopter pilot and getting your mits on one of those licenses is not cheap.  So here's to hoping he makes bank this summer.  If any of you reading this live in Ohio and a cute dude comes to your door selling pesticides? Buy it. Thanks! :)
I'm really gonna miss him! :( 
So last night was Man's Night.  So I went to see The Lucky One with my friend/brother's girlfriend.  Zefron was looking fiiiiine.  It's seldom these days that I get to see a chick flick in the movie theaters because I hate dragging Flanders to them.  He doesn't complain, but I know he isn't enjoying it as much as other movies and I feel bad.  So it was nice to go with my girl and enjoy the movie guilt-free.  
And now I get to go see one of my best friends that I haven't seen in FOREVER at her bridal shower. I am so excited! yay for Saturdays.

School's Out for Summer!

I don't believe there is a better feeling than being in love the last day of school.  I am feeling completely invigorated.  Which could also be due to my breakfast...
I was up late watching King of the Hill on Netflix, I needed a sugar rush.
Anyway, yeah... last day of school, can't believe it. I filled out a teacher evaluation last night in my Romantic British Lit. class and may have made some inappropriate comments about my professor being sexy.  Even though it was anonymous, I was hoping to send some good vibes out in the universe to help out my grade.  These last few weeks have drug on and it doesn't help that Landon doesn't get home til 9:30 every night so I get pretty bored.  Shout out to all you lovely ladies who post your lives on the internet so I have friends.  After yesterday's Peep Please.  Jes and I decided that we could luxuriously survive the end of the world if we combined our cars.  Which I decided to illustrate for you.
Yep, survival isn't anything we're worried about right now.
To be honest I felt as though the world wasn't in any immediate trouble until I found this paper on top of the printer at school...
and suddenly I lost a little faith in our future leaders. ah well.
Happy Last Day of School everyone.  Even if you're not in school, you remember how amazing it feels. 

PEEP PLEASE! Junk in my Trunk!

It's back this month, the amazing Peep, Please link up over at Crystal's blog the skittle bug.  You should come link up with us, because it is so much fun and a super easy way to make a ton of new blog friends!
Last month's Peep, Please was peeping into our purses and explaining all the weird things we ladies carry around with us.  You can look at mine HERE. This month Alissa has chosen to peep into our cars.  I thought dumping out my purse would be embarrassing, boy was I wrong.  Even I don't want to see what is in my trunk.  But for the sake of the peeping I will venture in there with you.
let's see...stroller, dead guy, box of diapers.... pah! only kidding.  No dead people in my trunk.  At least not that I know of.... here's the real one.

Here it is.  Four different shots of what is in my trunk.  I had to move stuff around so you could see what was hiding in there. I will take it from left to right to explain the treasures inside.
1. An electric griddle.  It was a wedding gift.  Hasn't ever been used because we got THREE of them.  This one was ordered off the internet so we couldn't return it. So I have been keeping it in my trunk because our closet is filled to the TOP with other gifts we couldn't return.
2. A picture frame that has a two smashed mosquitos on the glass.  That is thanks to my old roommate Nancy.  She killed them and the disgusting freaks we are, never cleaned the smashed bug juice off.
3. A box filled with lots of shorts and swimming suits, a stuffed giraffe from Build-a-Bear, broken lamp and a candle holder from the D.I.  I guess this is where I store my summer clothes and poor light sources.  I brought the giraffe inside.  I felt bad I had left him out there.
4. My ripstick It's peeking up from the bottom there in front.  That thing was one of the foundations of mine and Landon's relationship.  He taught me how to ride it and we spent our summer nights riding around our apartment complex and then last year, he took me to the park to ride and proposed to me. awwww. :)
next frame:
5. another box filled with poetry books, family history notebooks, textbooks and a scuba flashlight.  That puppy will blind you if you look right into it.
next frame:
6. My fins, mask and snorkel. and hair conditioner.  I am ready for the ocean at any moment.  Sadly, there aren't many diving options here in Utah.
last frame:
7. ANOTHER box filled with lots of sheet music, notebooks, board games, lotion and more clothes.

yikes, right?  probably why my car doesn't get that great of gas mileage, it's hauling around all this crap.  On a brighter note, I definitely couldn't fit a dead body in there, so you can put those worries to rest.  Also, I found a brand new tank top I forgot I had and the cd's all my wedding photos are on.  I was wondering where they were.

Now it's your turn! We all are dying to see what you have in your trunk. And don't forget to link up over at Crystals!

Two Smuppies

I may have died for a couple minutes last night...

I woke up at 2 am face down on the floor of my bathroom. I don't know why, but I think that I may have crossed over for a couple minutes.  I can only image what would have happened if Flanders had found me like that.  Probably had a melt down. Or probably not think anything of it because I'm really weird when I am asleep.
So, they just shut down the on ramp to the interstate by my apartment again. TIL JUNE! I was hoping the detour wasn't going to be bad and I took it.  50 minutes later I walked into class.  Didn't care though, I had a serious internal debate this morning on whether I should go to class or not anyways.  At least traffic was a better excuse than "I just don't want to."
so here it is, a face you don't see on me very much, it's my, "I'm not mad I'm in crappy traffic" face.

There is going to be an earthquake drill here at school in T minus 12 minutes.  I'll probably film it because I haven't done one of these things since like, second grade and if I remember correctly, they are a lot of fun.  Here are the instructions from the President of the school of what to do in case of an earthquake:

  • DROP to the ground (before the earthquake drops you!)
  • Take COVER by getting under a sturdy desk or table, and
  • HOLD ON to it until the alarms are silenced.
They are very clear of what they want.  And I know that I don't want to be DROPPED by an earthquake.  This outta be good.  My teacher is playing a movie in class right now about some exotic culture and instructed us to just keep watching the film while we are under the desks.  Clearly, she isn't taking this drill very seriously.
ok. drill is over. It sucked. I videoed it, but because I care about you, I am not going to show it. It was very anticlimactic and horribly obnoxious.  Here is a picture though:
I realize now, in event of an earthquake I would probably die.  Those desks are not built to cover humans over 5 feet.  I think the whole class realized at the same time we were all doomed. And they didn't even play the earthquake sounds.  It was just the stupid fire alarm screeching in our ears for three minutes straight.  I look happy in the picture, but I was feeling so let down....inside.

So in place of the earthquake drill video I promised you, I will show you a video of a dog that can double dutch.  It's way more entertaining anyway.
This dog has more talent in one paw than I could ever wish for as an uncoordinated, jump roping 5th grader.

I just got a text from Sexy Flanders that Cabelas is now on his Black List.  Can't wait to hear the rest of that story...
And I just did a celebrity look alike, guess who I got.

Josh Groban. How embarrassing.
and I can't get it to center. oh well.

Wishing it Wasn't Monday

We got home late last night. And we miss Geezy already.  We had SO much fun! I took tons of pictures, so let's just pretend I'm your stupid friend who invites you over after an exotic trip to make you watch my slides for six hours while feeding you stale popcorn and Swedish fish.  Only without the popcorn and Swedish fish.
Flanders, Jordan, Rikki and I got up and hit the trails again.  It was raining all day again so we still didn't get out to the sand dunes, but we still had an amazing time. No cliff diving this time, we kept it simple. After the ride we went to more motorcycle dealerships and found these killer shirts for $7!  We sported them the rest of the night.
That night we made a huge mistake and took Landon's dad, step mom and grandma to 21 Jump Street. We heard such great things about it so we figured we'd all go enjoy it together since we couldn't do anything outside. Most awkward 2 hours ever.  Every time we looked over at Grandma Janice she had her hands over her mouth and her eyes were popping out of her head.  Note to self: don't take grandma to movies like that.
This is Jordan throwing whips on the arcade game, us innocently thinking we're about to enjoy a funny family comedy, and Landon about to pee his pants on the way home.  And he is always making fun of me for always needs to pee.
We went to bed with a monsoon outside our bedroom window with high hopes for the morning.  We awoke to fog, but no rain.  We figured we had better seize our opportunity and load up the bikes since the forecast was only 10% chance of rain.  Best decision ever.  We got to Sand Hollow park and unloaded the machines with blue skies ahead and the sand was perfect.  I was on the four wheeler this time because my bike and I don't fair so well on the sand.  You could say I was a tad over-confident on four wheels considering I flipped it.  I was just trying to impress Flanders and he didn't even see me being thrown off the four wheeler and almost smashed like a pancake.  I was fine though.  I thank the sand for being so forgiving.  Flanders had a pretty close call too.  He hit a jump and caught some major air and sort of over shot the landing. He pulled it out though.  It definitely scared me, but it was totally wicked and freaking sexy.  Just glad he didn't biff it.
We had so much fun this weekend.  Again, sad to leave, but we left our bikes down there again so we'll have to get back there soon.  Now it is time to hit this finals thing head on. Blech.
Don't worry though, I have my weird sunburn to remind me how much fun I had.

I leave you with this picture of Scooby and me.  I can't pet him, but he will sit on my lap and take pictures with me.  Which I believe to be a major improvement from when we first met.

Stupid Sexy Flanders.

First things first, I have given Landon and new nick name.  This has been a hard one for me throughout our whole relationship because his name is really hard to mess with.  Mostly, I call him Landy.  But I come from a family where you have at least...eight nick names.  A few of mine are:
Pei Pei
Princess Pei Pei
Miss Puppy
Miss Puppy Pei Pei 
and Whitters
Long story, don't ask.
Anyway, I referred to Landon as Landers and as of today it morphed into Flanders. Like, Ned Flanders from the Simpsons.  I call him Sexy Flanders now.  You all may call him that too.
Now that that is out of the way, I can get to the rest of my day.
Sexy Flanders and I made our way down to St. Geezy this morning.
(this is me rocking the middle's scary, but I think I'm liking it.)
I am that girl who gets the photo op in Beaver, UT
Once we got down here, we pretty much unloaded our things from the truck and geared up in our motorcycle garb and left the drive way to go play around.  It was just me, Sexy Flanders and my step bro in law Jordan.  I freaking love Jordan, he is always hootin' and hollerin' while he is riding and it makes me laugh.  And every time I make it up a gnarly hill, he is always cheering for me.  He does an excellent job of making you feel special.

Now, time for me to brag about how amazing Sexy Flanders is.  It is a well known fact that Jordan and Flanders and 1000 times better riders than me so they always wait up for me at forks in the road so I don't get lost. So, I caught up to them and Jordan took off before I reached them, but Flanders waited for me to pull up next to him and he looked over at me with those dreamy eyes, gave me a wink and took off.  My heart literally skipped a beat. Sometimes, I am still caught off guard with how ridiculously sexy he is.
Look at his dimples. 
It was a really fun ride, minus the cliffs I kept driving off of.  Okay, they weren't BIG cliffs, but I am so surprised I didn't crash today.  We went through some pretty gnarly stuff.  But don't worry, Sexy Flanders made sure I was ok through it all.  And I had Jordo to cheer for me when I made it. We had a great time, we are going out for a long ride tomorrow hopefully to Coral Pink sand dunes, but the weather isn't looking so great, so we might keep it local and go to Sand Hollow dunes.  I'm so lucky I found a guy who likes to do all the stuff I do.  We are making sure Flander's brothers marry girls who can keep up. 
So now we are sitting on the couch in matching shirts watching James Cameron's documentary on the Titanic.  I love Titanic.
Oh, can't forget about last night.  We ended up having a spur of the moment girl's night, my old roommates/best friends and me.  We are always so busy and it's really hard for us all to be able to get together these days, which is a shame, because we are hilarious together, but last night just worked out.  We went to Comedy Sportz, of course, and laughed our butts off.  We saw Landon's best friend J.J. there.  He is the one who found my doppleganger.  As you can see, we are all very attractive.
And then went to Macy's to get some ice cream cones.  I convinced Jenessa to get the Kong Kone with me.  It's a ridiculous ice cream cone that is only a buck twenty nine.  I was licking mine for a couple minutes and the cone gave way and fell all down my shirt and into my hand.  It was SO COLD and we were making a pretty big scene...which is nothing new.  We did that for three years straight, but yeah, it was messy.  
That was pretty much it for my Kong Kone.
We sat at a table surround by bread shelves til past eleven o'clock talking about, well everything.  I can't really divulge what was discussed at our little table or else my blog would probably be shut down.  We had so much fun though.  I love these girls.  This weekend has already been awesome and much needed.  

Awkward/Awesome Thursday

Here are just some awkward pictures for your Thursday.  I don't know that there is much awesome in them.  

That's Fancy.  She hates us.
Another awkward thing going on is my heinous reaction to the spring air.  My allergies have never been so bad.  And nothing is worse than sneezing seven juicy times in a row in a really quiet class.  People start to think there is something wrong with you.  Who am I kidding, there probably is.
oh! and another awkward thing.  The text convo Landers and I are having at this moment...

outgoing: Believe you me good sir, once the biscuits are gone, you'll soon find out he is after your soul.
incoming: Chicken sandwiches are used to pave the road to my soul.
outgoing: You would be so easy to rape.


ooh!! loving this awkward thing!! My dream last night was the definition of awkward.  I was run dancing through a very crowded building with ridiculously low ceilings with a man that I didn't know.  He made me wear a monocle and a large flower in my hair.  And I was loving every second.

This video:


Ok, maybe I should throw some awesome in there to make this a legit awkward/awesome Thursday post.
Convincing the taco bell workers to make some of these at 10:30 p.m. last night.
They're the best things ever and they only make them in the morning.  But it was an emergency and I needed three orders of them immediately.  Those things can mend a broken heart. and they did.

This video:

This was fun.  I'll probably do the awkward/awesome thing more often.  Since I am so good at being both.

Needs a Shower.

I just told a girl I don't know that I have a ridiculous amount of dirt in my ears.
Who says that?
Today at work, the crusher started up after being down for the winter.  And so begins our summer season.  I had to go out and sample and it was so windy, I think I can safely say I was in a legit sandstorm.  And I had to come to school straight after work, so I didn't get to change and clean up before class, hence the ridiculous amounts of dirt in my ears.  Still.  I probably could have kept that to myself.

please, ignore me while I am being politically incorrect.  Or don't, I'm definitely more fun that way.

my mother would be so proud.

Lost my Phone.

So get this, I lost my stupid phone yesterday.  I guess I didn't really lose it.  I just left it in my classroom.  By the time I realized it was missing class had been over for about twenty minutes.  I re-traced my steps TWICE looking for the dumb thing. I even went back into the room while another class was in session and dug through the garbage can because I had thrown a water bottle away after class so I was just checking I didn't throw my phone out too.  At that point, I knew that someone had to have picked it up.  I drove over to the place where Landon is taking his class and went and took his phone so I could try calling it. It would ring and ring and go to voicemail.  I was just hoping whoever had it was planning on returning it.  I figured since it was on silent, they probably didn't know I was calling it.  So, I have that app where you text your phone a certain phrase and it takes it off silent and starts ringing so I did that assuming I just scared the crap of the person in possession because my ringer is Lord Voldemort screaming, "Avada Kedavra!"  After I did that I called my phone again, and they answered.  Genius.  So it turned out to be my professor who snagged it and he was like, "who is this...?" and I'm all, "this is...the owner of the phone you are on....who is this?"  And he was like, "Oh, this is professor so and so. You left it in class." *I used "so and so" not to protect the identity, but because I don't remember his name.  Sad.  two weeks left in the semester and I still don't know my teacher's name...* And I'm all, "well, will you be on campus tomorrow?" "No, but I will leave it at the English Department on Wednesday morning." "ok...thanks...bye..." And now I'm thinking, crap. I work on Wednesday. So I have to wait til Wednesday night to get it. I'm really not that dependent on my phone compared to most, but I was having a lot of fun with my new instagram app. :(  That is what I am saddest about. #firstworldproblems I guess.
So I called my mom on Landon's phone to whine about mine being gone for the next two days and I realize that my birth control alarm is probably going off over and over and I start laughing so hard.  I told my mom and she was like, "Serves him right for stealing your phone."  And I'm all, "mom, he didn't steal it.  He took it so someone else wouldn't steal it."  She was like, "Still.  Serves him right....I'm going to start sending him really weird texts."  Thanks, mom.
So since I don't have any instagram photos to make this post worth reading, I'll share some pinterest faves. Haven't done that in awhile anyways... Enjoy!

Close Call

All day today I was hoping something somewhat exciting would happen to me so I could blog about it and make it seem like my life is interesting. Alas, it was a normal day of work.  Don't worry though, I managed to muster something up for your entertainment. Not a half an hour ago, I was getting into my car to go to school.  I threw my backpack in the passenger's seat carelessly and jumped in after it.  Put the car in reverse and looked over my right shoulder to start backing up.  I caught it out of the corner of my eye and heard the unhallowed buzzing.  The world's largest bee, I'm assuming same one Autumn came in contact with, was in my car.  You know, the nasty ones with those two really long legs and the sound of their wings resembles a small jet turbine? Yeah, it was on the passenger side window.  Now if you refer back to THIS post you will remember that I have a serious phobia of insects.  Bees are no exception.  I see this bee and I literally lose it.  I throw my door open, screaming, and try to hurl my body out of the seat, but I am buckled in.  And now I am awkwardly hanging out my car that is still in reverse, mind you, while the Godzilla of bees in trying to break my car window with it's face.  I unbuckle myself and I sort of fall out of my car, jump up just in time to stick my leg painfully back in the car to slam on the brakes. I am leaning back as far as I can and still have my foot on the brake as I roll the window down to try to free the bee.  I don't understand these creatures, because once the window was down, it quits trying to escape.  It just sat there on the glass. And now I'm thinking, "great. I'm stuck here because the damn bee isn't going to cooperate and I can't get back in the car to put it in park because then the bee will come after me."  So, I start to blow in the direction of the bee.  Like maybe the small wind will be enough to urge it out the window.  But with the distance I was trying to keep between the bee and me the air flow was dispersed by the time it reached it.  I'm looking around desperately hoping someone would come help me.  I was stuck in the most uncomfortable position with no hope of going anywhere soon.  I was literally about to start calling for help when I decided to start making the window go up and down really fast in hopes of jogging the bee.  It worked like a charm, but then it flew over the top of the car and back in my direction.  I literally dove back into my car, you know, the way they do it in cartoons, slammed the door shut and watched as the bee started bumping into my side window furiously. I drove away like an axe murderer was after me almost taking out a few bikes and a basketball hoop while continuing to freak out because I had no idea how that thing got in there in the first place and I didn't know if there was more.  Turns out there wasn't, but it was probably the worst experience of my week so far.
No worries though, I'm alive and sort of well.  These make me feel better.
wish me luck getting home.

For the Love of the Weekends

How about some photos to start the post off, eh? These are some of my instagram faves. So if you are following me you probably have seen them already.  If you are not following me, well then, you should! My username is whitneycalle.
*just in case any of you are wondering what whitneycalle is about, calle is street in spanish.  Sometimes I think I am clever and bi-lingual.  I'm not though.
We had such a good weekend.  The Jazz game was tons of fun up in the box seats.  The food was delicious and it was fun to just hang out with everyone and enjoy to game together.  Then we woke up before the crack of dawn on Saturday to go up to Heber and pile into a truck to drive out to Nine Mile.  I can't even explain to you where that is.  It's about an hour and a half past Duchesne (pronounced one knows why...) which could be classified as the middle of no where.  We had a lot of fun though.  Landon's family has a cabin out there and we went and rode four-wheelers and side by sides around.  Saw some ancient Native American wall art, played Pretty Pretty Princess and just had a great time.  My favorite was when Skyler jumped across a small river to prove his manhood and BARELY made it across and he strained his quad in the process, so he was limping around like a wounded dog the rest of the weekend.  That's rude to say it was my favorite, but what can I say? I'm a rude person.  We got back and died some Easter eggs and just hung out for the night enjoying each other's company.  This morning we woke up to some delightful Easter baskets and had a fun little hunt with Landon's broskis.  Played some frisbee and jumped on the trampoline.  Here is some footage of the trampoline bull riding....

These guys are so much fun to hang around.  I love to watch Landon playing with his brothers, they are so funny.  He is going to be an awesome dad one day.  Not any time soon though.  :)  Landon and I had to come back to Provo around noon to teach our lesson in church, which was about raising children annnnd we nailed it.  We sounded like pros.  We came home from church and ate a little lunch and took the best nap ever.  It was fantastic.  We have had such a fun weekend.


I am feeling pretty awesome right now because I have received TWO blog awards this weekend. 
The first one came from this gorgeous gal:
And the award is the:
Liebster- favorite/dearest

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The five blogs I am awarding are:

Now I am going to save my five random facts for the end because I have another award which asks for more facts, so I will do them all together.
The second award I was nominated for was from this enchanting chica
And the award is
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The 15 bloggys I nominate are:

Alright all you gals! Congrats on your awards! Now for...12 random facts about me.

1. I think my eyes are prettier after I have cried a little.
2. I am a sucker for any kind of dog.
3. I only like to have my toe nails painted a sassy red.
3. I'm weird. (says bro-in-law)
4. I get impossibly angry in any sort of bad traffic. 
5. My right leg is longer than my left.
6. I sleep talk about as much as I talk during the day.  But none of it makes any sense according to the hubs.
7. I only pick vegetables out of the garden early in the morning or after the sun goes down.  This is due to the issue I discussed a couple posts ago dealing with my phobia of insects.
8.  I'm a lot braver when I am by myself...something about survival instincts or something.  
9.  It took six years to get my teeth the way they are.  I resembled a horse before I had em fixed.
10. I can make an amazingly realistic horse sound.
11. I'm really good at the slug bug game, but I don't play it anymore because Landy, well,
12.  The Humane Society commercials with Sarah McLaughlin make me cry.

On The Road Again

So. Tired.
On the road to a place I didnt know existed. Excited though. Just tryin to get a little shut eye before we get there.

Instagram bandwagon.

I'm posting again today because I don't think I will have time to blog tomorrow.  It's going to be a busy day.  Garco hooked us up with Utah Jazz tickets in the box seats, HOLLA!
Alright, so something I find myself whining about too much these days are my neighbors upstairs.  They have three kids and they seriously make so much noise, it's ridiculous.  I will complain about them to anyone who will listen because it is getting out of hand.  But today, I drove up after coming home from school and the mother was outside with two of her kids and who I am assuming is another neighbor and her daughter were all outside having a little Easter egg hunt.  I stepped out of my car and the upstairs neighbor was like, "We found a nest of those little black bugs right here underneath your window. And there are like, hundreds of babies all over.  Is your apartment infested?"
*pause story*
First of all, those little black bugs she was referring to are Boxelder Bugs.
Fun Fact About Me: I have Entomophobia.  AKA a phobia of insects.  I know that sounds stupid.  And I agree, it IS stupid.  I hate it.  I wish I could just not care about them, but it's a serious problem. Boxelder bugs are completely harmless, but they seem to have the worst effect on me. I was going to put a picture up for you, but I literally cannot google pictures of them because I start to feel like they are all over me. Like I said, serious problem.  And I knew there were TONS of them all around our apartment I have a panic attack just trying to get to my door, but I had no idea there was a NEST!!
*Un-pause story*
I was like, "Ummm, I don't think so..." Meanwhile, I am literally frozen in place with the thought of opening my door and seeing thousands of baby boxelder bugs everywhere.  Which of course isn't possible because I was in my apartment six hours ago and I hadn't seen one.  But still, I was completely over come with fear and I think it showed as I just stood there.  The other chick was like, "We have some bug spray...When my husband gets home I will have him come over and spray the nest...if you want..." And I'm all, "Yeah...that would be really great.  Like, reeeaallly great." I got inside and scoured every inch of our apartment looking for those little demons and like six hours ago, there wasn't a bug to be found.  I haven't left since.  And I just heard the guy out there spraying, and I am SO grateful to them.  So as I sat here watching Friends re-runs and the kids upstairs are having a bowling ball throwing competition, I'm not even bothered.
So a glorious thing happened yesterday. The Android Market got their mits on instagram and I am FINALLY onboard the bandwagon. I am so stoked.  Follow me, k? My username is whitneycalle.  And here is my very first picture taken on instagram:
Story behind this: I thought there was a poetry reading that my Poetry professor was going to be participating in.  Turns out the info I got was a year old, so when I walked into the auditorium this is what I stumbled into.  Now I'm all for animal rights and stuff, but I'm not going to lie...Activists kind of scare me sometimes... I took their flyers and their brochures and smiled and agreed as I slipped back out the door.  So there we go...welcome to instagram and forget about the year old poetry reading you were so excited for.

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