Awkward/Awesome Thursday

Here are just some awkward pictures for your Thursday.  I don't know that there is much awesome in them.  

That's Fancy.  She hates us.
Another awkward thing going on is my heinous reaction to the spring air.  My allergies have never been so bad.  And nothing is worse than sneezing seven juicy times in a row in a really quiet class.  People start to think there is something wrong with you.  Who am I kidding, there probably is.
oh! and another awkward thing.  The text convo Landers and I are having at this moment...

outgoing: Believe you me good sir, once the biscuits are gone, you'll soon find out he is after your soul.
incoming: Chicken sandwiches are used to pave the road to my soul.
outgoing: You would be so easy to rape.


ooh!! loving this awkward thing!! My dream last night was the definition of awkward.  I was run dancing through a very crowded building with ridiculously low ceilings with a man that I didn't know.  He made me wear a monocle and a large flower in my hair.  And I was loving every second.

This video:


Ok, maybe I should throw some awesome in there to make this a legit awkward/awesome Thursday post.
Convincing the taco bell workers to make some of these at 10:30 p.m. last night.
They're the best things ever and they only make them in the morning.  But it was an emergency and I needed three orders of them immediately.  Those things can mend a broken heart. and they did.

This video:

This was fun.  I'll probably do the awkward/awesome thing more often.  Since I am so good at being both.


  1. Those pictures are definitely awesome!! And those cinnabon things.... what are they? I need them NOW!

  2. omg... what are those cinnabon things??? i'm getting dressed to go to the store to hunt those suckers down.

  3. Yes- I'm with Jes- what are those? Are they filled with the icing? I want one. Or 3. Whatevs.

    And um...are you wearing blue lipstick?!

    1. They are at Taco Bell right now and they are AMAZING!! Yep, they are filled with icing and covered in cinnamon. Love em.
      and no, the blue was from a cadbury egg. haha weird, huh?

  4. Good job convincing the Taco Bell workers to do anything! Those look #amazeballs. Literally.

    Fancy is a great name for an animal.

    1. they should change the name of those things to amazeballs. That's exactly what they are.

      And Evil would be a better name for that hell cat.

  5. Ohhh my goodness. Those are beautifulllll pictures up there. Especially the blue lips. Mmm mmm BABY. ;)

  6. You make me laugh out loud! That text convo...priceless. And your dream...hilarious! Where do our minds come up with those kinds of things??

  7. I really wish I had not seen those yummy looking cinnabon things! OMG! they look pretty awesome! Xo Tiff

  8. Whitty! OH HOW I MISS YOU! Dream swapping was always the best with you! Your awkward video was actually pretty awesome...especially when he kicks his shoes off. I won't lie I laughed.
    Next Awkward/Awesome day, you should think about sharing Shelly the Fat Girl...just sayin'

    1. hahahahaha Landon and I were just watching that the other day. I think that one might have to be brought to the surface. And I miss you dos!! I can't wait to you tonight!! :)

  9. Haha. Oh man. That's a whole lot awesome... and awkward ;)
    Good job convincing the TBellers to whip you up some goodness.
    A girl's gotta eat!

  10. Awkward pictures are my favorite. They make me giggle -- unless they are of me. Then I hate them.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


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