"I hate everything about this week"

It was decided today at work that this week sucks.  I am officially running on fumes and I haven't even started my finals yet.  I am trying to put the finishing touches on my poetry portfolio, but I am dragging so bad I can barely focus. So I'm blogging.
Ok, now to stop whining.
So we went out to Duchesne this weekend because Flander's grandma is going on a mission, so we went to her farewell and to say goodbye.  On the drive out there, I was up front with Skyler and this tuck flashed it's brights at us.  And we're all, "oh man, there is a cop hiding out somewhere!" and we keep driving and there are no cops hiding anywhere.  And we were like, "that was weird." Then another car passes us and flashes its brights again.  Still no cop.  The next three cars flash their brights all in a row.  And I was like, "Maybe there is something wrong with us that we aren't realizing..."  And Sky was like, "Yeah, like what if the 'Thing on the Wing' in on the grill of the truck!"  and I got the funniest image in my brain and couldn't stop laughing.  If you don't know what I am talking about, the Thing on the Wing is from the Twilight Zone.  Here is a really poor clip of the episode and you can enjoy some old school horror moments.
Now, can you imagine that ape looking guy just hanging out on your grill as you're driving down the freeway? Me either.  I was dying.  Turns out there was a really bad crash up ahead that the cops hadn't made it to yet, so people were just warning us.

Perhaps, I should get back to my homework...
wanna read one of my final poems?  You can give me some constructive criticism if you want.  or you can just tell me how awesome it is.

The Flowers Bloomed From Smoke
The cigarette smoke smelled like daffodils
and painted the gray walls yellow.
The winter's morning yearned for sunshine
and shivered when it splashed over the ridge.
I was sleepy and the soles of my boots were worn.
I dreamt of floating in the frozen pond

because Butterbeer was simmering slow the ice.
The smoky snow melted beneath the morning's breath
and another cigarette was planted in the garden.

-Whitney Street
(if you plagiarize me, I will cut you.)


  1. Butterbeer. I love you that much more. I want to try Butterbeer at the Wizarding World and I am counting down the days until I can go.

    Hope this week gets better for you! Or I'll cut you.
    You didn't say anything about plagiarizing that.

  2. If I had to have a poetry journal I'd totally plagiarize that. No, just kidding. Haha. =)

  3. Butterbeer!

    I love the poem, I really do.

    And I love that you threaten to cut people #ThisIsWhyWeAreFriends

  4. haha I must say... You are quite the poet!
    Good luck with finals! This week will hopefully be over sooner than you know it! Love you :)

  5. If you plagorize me I will cut you. The best. Girl fights rock. This is awesome.

  6. hahah that was awesome, good luck this week, you can do it! i have faith in you! y'all are precious!

  7. So, the Thing on the Wing... the guy in the airplane almost gets sucked out the window, but the Thing (which by the way, I enjoyed the fact that it was wearing shoes under it's fur) is not even wind blown as it staggers about on the wing. No wonder weapons are banned on planes these days. Love you! Oh, and this is only anonymous cause I didn't have a choice. xoxo Ollie


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