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Sorry about the mild blogging hiatus... I've been busier than expected, plus now that I am going to the gym again, it's kind of cutting into my designated blog time.  I clearly need to sort out my priorities and Jersey Shore just isn't one of them.  So what have I been doing the last few days? I will show you via my instagram photos.  So if you follow me on instagram, you have already seen all this...if you don't, then you should follow me. whitneycalle is the name. follow me now. do it.
first, I have been hanging out with my mamasita since she has been down here is p-town for Women's Conference with her BFF Erin.  We have been having a blast.
and I didn't get a picture of Erin with us, but here is a picture of her from my fat booth app.
don't tell her I put this on my blog....
love it.
Then, my bro-in-law Skyler bought me some ridonkulous new running shoes because he loves me so much. check these puppies out!
ok, so he really bought them for me because he owed me like, $50 and there was a buy one get one half off deal going on a Shoe Carnival so I let him buy them for me to repay his debt.
Also, I finished my finals and this is my, "yay I'm done with stupid school for the next 4 months" face.
Then last night was Supercross here in Utah, and it was a fantastic race.  Ryan Dungey pulled into first with two laps left after being in 3rd the entire race.
the rest of the race I was just admiring my super amazing, ridiculously good looking better half of mine.
I mean, just look at that face. eeee!!

and now I am just chillin on the couch after having a delightful crepe brunch with Flanders and his mom, grandma and bro-ha. and we're about to go visit my familia. so excited.

promise to not leave you guys hanging for days at a time anymore.
happy weekending!


  1. Haha I love your "done with stupid school" face! Glad your having fun with your fam :)

  2. That hubby of yours is adorable...I would say hot but that might be crossing the line! You snagged a keeper! PS Still can see those shoes from here!!!

  3. Your momma is beautiful! Congrats on finishing your finals and yay for reasons to celebrate! :)

  4. So many of my friends were at the super cross.... super jealous! AND I wanted to be at women's conference. I just missed out a whole lot this weekend. I'm still SO SAD we moved to southern Utah :(

  5. How funny is that 'fat booth app'?

  6. Those shoes are FIERCE. I love the color!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. Girl, I totally understand the busy schedule! I am also having a hard time getting my priorities straight! grrrr to that. grr.


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