Needs a Shower.

I just told a girl I don't know that I have a ridiculous amount of dirt in my ears.
Who says that?
Today at work, the crusher started up after being down for the winter.  And so begins our summer season.  I had to go out and sample and it was so windy, I think I can safely say I was in a legit sandstorm.  And I had to come to school straight after work, so I didn't get to change and clean up before class, hence the ridiculous amounts of dirt in my ears.  Still.  I probably could have kept that to myself.

please, ignore me while I am being politically incorrect.  Or don't, I'm definitely more fun that way.

my mother would be so proud.


  1. Oh man, this made me laugh! where do you work?

  2. Bahaha, I just found your blog and you had me hooked after reading the first line of this post! Too funny girl, can't wait to keep reading :)


  3. Ahhhh, hilarious!! We are so meant to be besties.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


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