PEEP PLEASE! Junk in my Trunk!

It's back this month, the amazing Peep, Please link up over at Crystal's blog the skittle bug.  You should come link up with us, because it is so much fun and a super easy way to make a ton of new blog friends!
Last month's Peep, Please was peeping into our purses and explaining all the weird things we ladies carry around with us.  You can look at mine HERE. This month Alissa has chosen to peep into our cars.  I thought dumping out my purse would be embarrassing, boy was I wrong.  Even I don't want to see what is in my trunk.  But for the sake of the peeping I will venture in there with you.
let's see...stroller, dead guy, box of diapers.... pah! only kidding.  No dead people in my trunk.  At least not that I know of.... here's the real one.

Here it is.  Four different shots of what is in my trunk.  I had to move stuff around so you could see what was hiding in there. I will take it from left to right to explain the treasures inside.
1. An electric griddle.  It was a wedding gift.  Hasn't ever been used because we got THREE of them.  This one was ordered off the internet so we couldn't return it. So I have been keeping it in my trunk because our closet is filled to the TOP with other gifts we couldn't return.
2. A picture frame that has a two smashed mosquitos on the glass.  That is thanks to my old roommate Nancy.  She killed them and the disgusting freaks we are, never cleaned the smashed bug juice off.
3. A box filled with lots of shorts and swimming suits, a stuffed giraffe from Build-a-Bear, broken lamp and a candle holder from the D.I.  I guess this is where I store my summer clothes and poor light sources.  I brought the giraffe inside.  I felt bad I had left him out there.
4. My ripstick It's peeking up from the bottom there in front.  That thing was one of the foundations of mine and Landon's relationship.  He taught me how to ride it and we spent our summer nights riding around our apartment complex and then last year, he took me to the park to ride and proposed to me. awwww. :)
next frame:
5. another box filled with poetry books, family history notebooks, textbooks and a scuba flashlight.  That puppy will blind you if you look right into it.
next frame:
6. My fins, mask and snorkel. and hair conditioner.  I am ready for the ocean at any moment.  Sadly, there aren't many diving options here in Utah.
last frame:
7. ANOTHER box filled with lots of sheet music, notebooks, board games, lotion and more clothes.

yikes, right?  probably why my car doesn't get that great of gas mileage, it's hauling around all this crap.  On a brighter note, I definitely couldn't fit a dead body in there, so you can put those worries to rest.  Also, I found a brand new tank top I forgot I had and the cd's all my wedding photos are on.  I was wondering where they were.

Now it's your turn! We all are dying to see what you have in your trunk. And don't forget to link up over at Crystals!

Two Smuppies


  1. um i loved that you had a man in your trunk.
    and i am so so happy that i am not alone in the crazy trunkness of our cars.
    i'm going to scroll up and read again to make sure i didn't miss anything amazing. there's just so much to work from!

  2. I'm DYING to know what the rest of your car looks like, because the murder weapon could be in the front seat! Whitney did it with the candle stick, in the dunes! Mystery solved!

  3. hahaha!! I LOVED this!! Esp the dead body! lol. And the picture frame with the squished bug guts on it. Classic. Totally something I would leave too. Also, you are totally set with gifts for future weddings/showers/birthdays! ha! I totally regifted some of our wedding gifts that we didn't want and couldn't return.

    You are seriously set for any and all surprises life could throw at you with your well stocked trunk! I'm seriously impressed. I thought my trunk was pretty good, but no, I'm realizing mine's actually kinda boring!! ha! :)

    Thanks for linking up!!

  4. Peed my pants over the dead guy comment...too funny!

  5. haha! I actually thought you got your husband to pose for that pic! How sweet to find that ripstick and remember it's beginnings and what it brought!

  6. Was Goodbye Earl playing in the background when you stuffed the dead guy in the back of the truck? This was hilarious.

  7. Hey, did you know there's a man in your trunk?
    Sheet music? Do you play an instrument? So neat if so!

  8. My trunk is pretty clean except for my sound system. I'm impressed with myself. I really don't put much in my car.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. Haha oh and just a dead guy, no big deal! Made my day :)

  10. Hmph. I'm sad I can't participate because I don't own a car! I didn't know there were pre-req's for peepin! Double hmph.

    I do love the contents of your trunk though. You could sell the griddle on Ebay (or send it to me...whichever).

    Cute that you have the ripstick...and a little love story to go with it!


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