School's Out for Summer!

I don't believe there is a better feeling than being in love the last day of school.  I am feeling completely invigorated.  Which could also be due to my breakfast...
I was up late watching King of the Hill on Netflix, I needed a sugar rush.
Anyway, yeah... last day of school, can't believe it. I filled out a teacher evaluation last night in my Romantic British Lit. class and may have made some inappropriate comments about my professor being sexy.  Even though it was anonymous, I was hoping to send some good vibes out in the universe to help out my grade.  These last few weeks have drug on and it doesn't help that Landon doesn't get home til 9:30 every night so I get pretty bored.  Shout out to all you lovely ladies who post your lives on the internet so I have friends.  After yesterday's Peep Please.  Jes and I decided that we could luxuriously survive the end of the world if we combined our cars.  Which I decided to illustrate for you.
Yep, survival isn't anything we're worried about right now.
To be honest I felt as though the world wasn't in any immediate trouble until I found this paper on top of the printer at school...
and suddenly I lost a little faith in our future leaders. ah well.
Happy Last Day of School everyone.  Even if you're not in school, you remember how amazing it feels. 


  1. Yay, that's so exciting :)

    & that looks like an amazing breakfast :p skittles are my favorite - especially sour ones!


  2. ahahaha. That illustration is great! Congrats on the last day of school! Aaah, that was such a sweet feeling.
    Facebook and text messages have made me lose faith in our future leaders. I cnt stnd when I c adults & kidz writing like dis. smh.

  3. Hahaha, love the drawing. If you ever need to build a float, you can use the wood and empty water bottles from my car :)

  4. Yay happy last day! Mine isn't for 3 more weeks :( hope you have lots of fun this summer!

  5. Congrats on your last day of school!! Woo hoo!! And I'm loving the sexy comments. I'm SURE it'll help your grade. Karma, right?

    Also, I have a first aid kit and such in my trunk. Can I come swap you guys some band aids and neosporin for some food and puzzle entertainment when the end of the world happens? Thanks...

  6. oh my goodness love these!
    you are hilarious!

  7. Hooray for summer. Also you had a serious breakfast of champions. I'm jealous and love you more since you like Mountain Dew.

  8. oh my frick. oh my frick. oh. my frick. HOW did i miss this post?!?!
    is that sharkie on a pillow?! amazing. uhmazing. just maze.
    and i am just beaming that you illustrated my fruit snacks and cheez its!

    congratulations on your last day of school by the way!
    but seriously, congratulations on drawing us so accurately.

    sharks and i love you.

  9. Last day of school?? Jealous. I've got until May 1st!
    And your illustration was SPOT on! Haha made me laugh!!

  10. New reader - that illustration is so true for most women, I think - ha! Hoorah for the last day of school! x

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