Stupid Sexy Flanders.

First things first, I have given Landon and new nick name.  This has been a hard one for me throughout our whole relationship because his name is really hard to mess with.  Mostly, I call him Landy.  But I come from a family where you have at least...eight nick names.  A few of mine are:
Pei Pei
Princess Pei Pei
Miss Puppy
Miss Puppy Pei Pei 
and Whitters
Long story, don't ask.
Anyway, I referred to Landon as Landers and as of today it morphed into Flanders. Like, Ned Flanders from the Simpsons.  I call him Sexy Flanders now.  You all may call him that too.
Now that that is out of the way, I can get to the rest of my day.
Sexy Flanders and I made our way down to St. Geezy this morning.
(this is me rocking the middle's scary, but I think I'm liking it.)
I am that girl who gets the photo op in Beaver, UT
Once we got down here, we pretty much unloaded our things from the truck and geared up in our motorcycle garb and left the drive way to go play around.  It was just me, Sexy Flanders and my step bro in law Jordan.  I freaking love Jordan, he is always hootin' and hollerin' while he is riding and it makes me laugh.  And every time I make it up a gnarly hill, he is always cheering for me.  He does an excellent job of making you feel special.

Now, time for me to brag about how amazing Sexy Flanders is.  It is a well known fact that Jordan and Flanders and 1000 times better riders than me so they always wait up for me at forks in the road so I don't get lost. So, I caught up to them and Jordan took off before I reached them, but Flanders waited for me to pull up next to him and he looked over at me with those dreamy eyes, gave me a wink and took off.  My heart literally skipped a beat. Sometimes, I am still caught off guard with how ridiculously sexy he is.
Look at his dimples. 
It was a really fun ride, minus the cliffs I kept driving off of.  Okay, they weren't BIG cliffs, but I am so surprised I didn't crash today.  We went through some pretty gnarly stuff.  But don't worry, Sexy Flanders made sure I was ok through it all.  And I had Jordo to cheer for me when I made it. We had a great time, we are going out for a long ride tomorrow hopefully to Coral Pink sand dunes, but the weather isn't looking so great, so we might keep it local and go to Sand Hollow dunes.  I'm so lucky I found a guy who likes to do all the stuff I do.  We are making sure Flander's brothers marry girls who can keep up. 
So now we are sitting on the couch in matching shirts watching James Cameron's documentary on the Titanic.  I love Titanic.
Oh, can't forget about last night.  We ended up having a spur of the moment girl's night, my old roommates/best friends and me.  We are always so busy and it's really hard for us all to be able to get together these days, which is a shame, because we are hilarious together, but last night just worked out.  We went to Comedy Sportz, of course, and laughed our butts off.  We saw Landon's best friend J.J. there.  He is the one who found my doppleganger.  As you can see, we are all very attractive.
And then went to Macy's to get some ice cream cones.  I convinced Jenessa to get the Kong Kone with me.  It's a ridiculous ice cream cone that is only a buck twenty nine.  I was licking mine for a couple minutes and the cone gave way and fell all down my shirt and into my hand.  It was SO COLD and we were making a pretty big scene...which is nothing new.  We did that for three years straight, but yeah, it was messy.  
That was pretty much it for my Kong Kone.
We sat at a table surround by bread shelves til past eleven o'clock talking about, well everything.  I can't really divulge what was discussed at our little table or else my blog would probably be shut down.  We had so much fun though.  I love these girls.  This weekend has already been awesome and much needed.  


  1. hahahahahaha!!!!
    Sexy Flanders.
    Just saying that makes me giggle:)
    I love it.
    Now I feel like I need to step it up and give Tyler an awesome nickname.
    hmmmmmmmm I'll be thinking about that one.
    Also, I am so excited that we are now instagram friends, too!

  2. We watched that documentary last weekend. Didn't you just love it. So cool. Ok, so you are my motorcycle friend except we ride Harley's but it okay your way cooler! You and Sexy Flanders are hot snot!!!!

  3. hehe pei pei, and I pretty much remember your mom calling you all those names. Good times. Good call on needing to give Landon an awesome nickname. Its about time, I mean you have like ten!
    That is the biggest/tallest ice cream cone I have ever seen!

  4. Haha I love every single one of your nicknames - you have inspired me to create some new ones for my boy lol!

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  7. You forgot "Pup"! I've heard that one from your family a lot!

  8. I think I would refrain from calling your man "Sexy Flanders", ha ha, but hilarious nickname and Simpsons reference! : ) You guys look so adorable together, especially in your matching shirts. I'm so mad I missed that documentary! And I love some good improv, I've always wanted to go to Comedy Sportz!

  9. Lovely pics!! ^^

  10. "Okily-dokily."
    Now that's just hot.
    Rawr. :)
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88


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