Thankful Wednesday

I don't know what it is, but I am just in a super amazing mood right now.  It's probably the endorphins pulsing through my body right now from my work out that practically floored me again.  But seriously, today was just great.  I realized today that sometimes I take the amazing things/people in my life for granted.  Like today at work, I was super busy and had tons of things to do and in any other situation I would be hating life. But the people I work with are so great that I wasn't even miserable.  I'd pretty much rather stay at this job forever than being a teacher if it meant I got to keep all my friends there. I love them.

and then there are all of you, my lovely poodles, that are always showing me and my bloggy love.  I've been making so many new friends lately through blogs, and I seriously love you all.  I couldn't ask for more amazing girls to show me love and friendship from all over the country. It's the best.

Sorry, I've been grumpy about finals and school lately, in 12 hours they will all be over and I promise you fantastic, well thought out blog posts from here on out.

DUH! I just figured out why today is amazing! It's the perfect date!

actually, it was kind of hot today. warm before the storm kinda deal. ah well, still an awesome date.


  1. i JUST quoted this part in the movie the other day. favorite part ever.
    good luck on your last couple hours!

  2. hahaha I love that movie.

    LOVE IT.

  3. Hehe that movie is lovely :D

    Miss H


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