Wishing it Wasn't Monday

We got home late last night. And we miss Geezy already.  We had SO much fun! I took tons of pictures, so let's just pretend I'm your stupid friend who invites you over after an exotic trip to make you watch my slides for six hours while feeding you stale popcorn and Swedish fish.  Only without the popcorn and Swedish fish.
Flanders, Jordan, Rikki and I got up and hit the trails again.  It was raining all day again so we still didn't get out to the sand dunes, but we still had an amazing time. No cliff diving this time, we kept it simple. After the ride we went to more motorcycle dealerships and found these killer shirts for $7!  We sported them the rest of the night.
That night we made a huge mistake and took Landon's dad, step mom and grandma to 21 Jump Street. We heard such great things about it so we figured we'd all go enjoy it together since we couldn't do anything outside. Most awkward 2 hours ever.  Every time we looked over at Grandma Janice she had her hands over her mouth and her eyes were popping out of her head.  Note to self: don't take grandma to movies like that.
This is Jordan throwing whips on the arcade game, us innocently thinking we're about to enjoy a funny family comedy, and Landon about to pee his pants on the way home.  And he is always making fun of me for always needs to pee.
We went to bed with a monsoon outside our bedroom window with high hopes for the morning.  We awoke to fog, but no rain.  We figured we had better seize our opportunity and load up the bikes since the forecast was only 10% chance of rain.  Best decision ever.  We got to Sand Hollow park and unloaded the machines with blue skies ahead and the sand was perfect.  I was on the four wheeler this time because my bike and I don't fair so well on the sand.  You could say I was a tad over-confident on four wheels considering I flipped it.  I was just trying to impress Flanders and he didn't even see me being thrown off the four wheeler and almost smashed like a pancake.  I was fine though.  I thank the sand for being so forgiving.  Flanders had a pretty close call too.  He hit a jump and caught some major air and sort of over shot the landing. He pulled it out though.  It definitely scared me, but it was totally wicked and freaking sexy.  Just glad he didn't biff it.
We had so much fun this weekend.  Again, sad to leave, but we left our bikes down there again so we'll have to get back there soon.  Now it is time to hit this finals thing head on. Blech.
Don't worry though, I have my weird sunburn to remind me how much fun I had.

I leave you with this picture of Scooby and me.  I can't pet him, but he will sit on my lap and take pictures with me.  Which I believe to be a major improvement from when we first met.


  1. haha we saw 21 jump street? I can't believe you took his family, i would have died! Too funny! pretty ring:)

  2. oh my gosh. i almost peed m pants with that last picture.

  3. i am loving that sunburn. you rock it like its hot.
    and hi scooby dooby foo! :)

  4. ohhh he is the cutest doggy ever :):)

  5. Love the scooby. I am so jealous you dirt bike, that is sooo cool. I am not coordinated or brave enough. Now I can live vicariously through you...minus the sunburn (ouch)

  6. Ok, so now as a mom, I am going to worry about you on big cycles. Put aloe vera on that sunburn missy. And don't hold your pee!

  7. Oh my. We went to see 21 Jump Street. Thankfully it wasn't with my grandma! Somehow the previews tend to leave certain parts out, haha.
    Your sunburn is amazing, and don't worry about the Swedish Fish and popcorn, I ate some Easter Candy while I looked at the pictures:)

  8. Good luck with the finals! I certainly don't miss them :)


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