The Bachelorette Rises

It aired last night you guys.  I missed it because Skyler and his woman made Flanders and me dinner to say, "thanks for driving me to California and brutally sacrificing your truck to do so." Anyway, just got myself all caught up.  I get a lot of crap from certain men in my life for loving the show as much as I do, but I have proof to you that this reality t.v. show is of God. Just watch...

You all saw it, Jesus was there. And now you all know that ABC's the Bachelorette is of divine calling.
Such a weird lady. But good for her. 
So, Mother's Day.  We made it home as I am sure you gathered.  Landon's dad drove us half way and his mom picked us up and took us the rest of the way.  What would we do with out parents? We'd still be on the side of the rode in between Vegas and Mesquite, that's what. Skyler would probably be very dead too.  I made it up to my Mom's house to hang with her and my sister.  We had a delicious steak dinner outside in the sunshine and tried to take a cute picture.  We failed miserably...
this was supposed to be our "sexy face"'s cool though, we're pretty on the inside.
while mom talked to dad and broseph on the phone (they're in Ohio for the summer) Mariah and I picked all of mom's flowers. She loves it when we do that.
And we played with our pooch.  I love that guy.  
And then we finished off the night fishing at our local haunted pond where many children have died. I caught lots of fish that Mariah would take off the hook for me because I can't touch fish.  Or pull barbed hooks out of their lips.  Both gross me out way too much.  But catching them is fun. It was probably the best Mother's Day yet.
We are still busy at work.  It's really going to get crazy here on Thursday, so I am trying to rest as much as I can when I am at home.  Or at least that is my excuse for not cleaning. Plus, I found a spider in my shirt this morning and now I am scared to touch anything outside of my bed.  I was driving to lunch today with a co-worker and I spotted a spider on my window and screamed at the top of my lungs.  Pretty sure I took a couple years off his life. I told him we were lucky it was outside.  We would have had serious problems if it had been inside the window. Yep, that is about all that is happening in my life.  And it's sad, but I am going to start living for Mondays so I can guiltily take pleasure in living vicariously through Emily Maynard's fake reality life. #winning.


  1. I refuse to get sucked into the trap that is The Bachelorette. And yet, every season, I do.

  2. The vagueness of the dead kids pond has me curious. Haha.
    We have dead kid ponds around here too. Kind of creepy.

  3. You seriously make me laugh. I love your blog!

  4. Haha!! Is it weird that I like the bachelor better... for the sheer fact that I will never get over how much I love watching the girl drama!!!


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