Bring it On

I have been informed today that my summer is about to get reeaaallly busy. Like, busier than I've ever been in my whole life. Like, SEVENTY hours of work a week.  I could be exaggerating...but then again, I could be 100% accurate.  I will let you know. I worked today for, mmm... ten-ish hours? and barely made it to Zumba by seven. I am not lying to you when I say I can feel my heart beat in the arches of my feet. But you know what? I'mma be richer than I've ever been before, so holla atcho girl. And I am just throwing this out there that I'm not complaining about this schedule. I'm just....a little nervous. But hell, I say bring it on. Over-time Whitney is way cooler than 40-hours-a-week Whitney anyway. Running on Red Bulls and five hours of sleep makes for a pretty amazing person. aka, me.


  1. I loved the days I could count my penny's as I worked. Best part about it is you get to reward yourself with whatever you want!

  2. better squeeze some room in for me when i come up! i'm already planning on "meeting" you. does this sound creepy? mmm, maybe a little. but it's fine right?:) haha good luck with everything!
    ps.i love zumba.

  3. Good luck! I just found out my summer is going to be way busier than I thought with my Master's courses. AND I don't get paid for that...wahhhh.

  4. I'm tired just reading this.

    Or maybe that's because I'm just really tired.

    Good for you, you can do it!


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