Fine, I'll Blog Again...

Well blog friends, I come to you with my head hung. I can't believe I have gone this long without talking to you. Promise I haven't been giving you the silent treatment. The reason I haven't been around is, uh...I was attacked by a bear....holding a shark....
true story.
Also, I was doing a lot of wedding stuff with my BFF and a lot of dirt biking stuff with Flanders and snuggling with the new puppy-who is officially named "Shadow"- and a lot of picnic-ing on Memorial Day and a lot of working with my dirt.
Thursday was Kay's wedding, I was loving the colors and the decor and like good bridesmaids, we were pleasantly obnoxious at our table in back.
On Saturday, despite the monsoon outside, we packed up the bikes and headed out to what we call "The Knolls" to get some riding in on our long weekend.  I took ol' Shadow for his first ever motorcycle ride. He loved every second.

We also saw this super crazy lady on the back of the Wendover Nugget bus. She kept passing us and we were more and more freaked out each time. I feel as though she was putting curses on us with each pass because things kept flying off our trailer, including almost Flander's mom's bike. almost. It was hanging off the edge, but we kept it on. Stupid voodoo bus lady.

Then on Monday Flanders and I headed up to Layton to hang with my mom and sister. We went on a picnic at this little pond that is opening up to the public for the first time ever.  It was such good weather. Finally. 
I hate to brag, but I have the most attractive husband ever. Who am I kidding, I love to brag.
And then later that night, we went to the Prairie Schooner.  It's the world's coolest steak house where you sit in covered wagons and and dine with wild life and Cowboys and Indians.  It's so legit.  I made Flanders pretend to be an outlaw while we ate our rib eye's and fried mushrooms. He played along, for like a minute. and then when I told him my name was Little Miss Tilly, he called me a whore and continued to eat his house salad.  That was pretty much it for pretending to live in the Old West.
And now I am back to working 10-12 hour days.  The three day weekend was over fast, but the overtime is gonna make my paycheck pretty. and I love everyone I work with. AND I just got a new hard hat. 
chicago bears, baby.


  1. Glad you're back...looks like life is good right now :)

  2. WHAT? Dine with wild life and Indians AND COWBOYS? Can I come next time?

    I'm glad you're back.

  3. I think it would be appropriate for you to dress up like the old west Miss Tilly and do a knack knack on the dirt bike. ..uh, without Sully, please

  4. You are forgiven. Shadow looks adorable on that bike.


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