It Could Have Been Worse....

I'm sorry, ok? I'm sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry that I couldn't seem to find the strength to blog this week. It wasn't even that bad work wise, only about ten hours overtime, no biggie. I just kept coming home and falling asleep and then I'd have to entertain Posh Flanders when he got home and I just couldn't seem to find it in me to blog. Plus, nothing that exciting has even happened this week.  Well, until yesterday that is.  It started out pretty amazing and you'll probably laugh if you follow me on instagram because the photos I kept posting started out really positive and they just kept getting sadder and sadder.

This is the story:

My broseph-in-law Skyler has finally landed himself a job that makes enough money that he could get his mitts on a new dirt bike. We got a fantastic deal from Ty Davis (enduro racer extraordinaire) but to get it, it meant we had to drive all the way from Salt Lake to California in a day and back. But hey, road trips with Flanders and Sky are fun, so we were stoked.
picture #1 So excited to go to California for two hours.

So we leave work and drive down to St. George to stay with the in-laws and leave there at 5 am yesterday to make the rest of the drive. We get to Ty's house at around 10 am and talked with him for about an hour. Seriously you guys, Ty Davis is a National Champion. Amazing talent, awesome dude. We were all a little star struck. And he gave Sky a killer deal on his bike. Brand new motor, tons of add on's, great advise, new tires, rims, a bunch of awesome stuff, really. All for 3 grand. Skyler basically stole from him. Anyways, we leave there close to noon and are all in great spirits.
picture #2 all super stoked about chillin' with Ty Davis and you can see Sky's new girl friend in back.

And then we were on the road again. Trying to make it back to Provo by 10 pm at the latest. And we were making fantastic time.  We even stopped to buy jerky at that Alien place where the World's Largest Broken Thermometer is.  We passed Vegas around three and somewhere in between Vegas and Mesquite things started to go wrong.  I was just listening to music and hanging out in the front with Flanders and Sky was passed out in back when the AC stopped being cold. I looked at Flanders and was all, "why did the air just get hot?" and he was all, "I don't know..." But we didn't really think anything of it because his AC only works on full blast and defrost mode, so we figured it had just given up on us.  I asked Flanders if we should pull over, but we decided not to because it was just the AC. We were used to it sucking.  So we pass the exit that says, "Last services for 29 miles" and just as we do so, Flanders loses his power steering. And that was when we knew something was really wrong.  He looked at the heat gauge and it had spiked all the way to the top and then suddenly the engine started chattering very loudly. We got to the top of the hill and pulled off to this truck parking spot on the side of the road.  Steam was billowing from under the hood and the smell of anti-freeze was potent in the air.  Landon popped the hood and saw the serpentine belt was shredded.
picture #3 broken down between Vegas and Mesquite. It's 100 degrees outside. Very little water. At least the bike is doing good.

We are lucky we broke down where we did.  We were only about an hour outside of St. George, so Flander's dad was able to come out and help us.  But we had to try to stay cool for about an hour and a half.  We were pretty sure Skyler was suffering from heat stroke as his face was white as could be and he couldn't stand to be in the sun for even a minute.  Flanders was in good spirits still however, he just kept admiring his brother's new toy and pricing out all the extra stuff on the bike. He is very jealous.  I was surprised Flanders was as calm as he was, because in my mind I was freaking out a bit.  Not knowing how we were going to make it home for Mother's Day and work on Monday.
Picture #4 Landon's good.  Whitney's not so much.

Right before Flander's dad drove up, Flanders noticed that it wasn't just a belt that had been chewed up.  The tension pulley that the belt was on was melted and seized.  We wished we had seen that an hour and a half ago, because Flander's dad hadn't gotten that part.  So we had to drive all the way back to Mesquite with him to get the part and all the way back to the truck.  Sky stayed behind so no one stole his baby and when we pulled up, he fell out of the truck onto his knees with his hands in the air and dumping an empty water bottle on his face.  I was laughing so hard.  They got the parts replaced and filled it with coolant and we were on our way again.
Picture #5 Dad came to save the day

Not five minutes into the drive, the heat gauge spiked again.  So we pulled over again and the coolant was all gone.  It was then we realized there was something far more wrong than just the belt and pulley.  So we hooked a tow rope up to Flander's Dad's truck and ours and he towed us to Mesquite.  Where we had an auto shop tow it the rest of the way to St. George.  And here we are, looking at over a thousand dollars at least in repairs and hours away from our moms on Mother's Day.  

Flanders has yet to get upset over the situation.  He is being very mature.  But part of me thinks it's because he has finally found an excuse to get a new truck.  But he is right.  It was bound to happen, we are just very lucky we broke down so close to home and not somewhere in California.  Plus, we have amazing family who takes really good care of us.  We are about to rent a truck to get us and the bike home.  It has definitely been an eventful weekend.  

oh and Happy Mother's Day to all you wonderful mommies! love you all!


  1. I followed your little story via instagram and thought to myself the same exact thing "Flanders isn't upset cuz he isn't getting new wheels." hahaha! We know how men think! Glad you mad it out alive! Party on Wayne!

  2. Very glad you're safe! And it's okay that you haven't been blogging, but I've missed ya!


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