Just Another Thursday

I've decided to become to name myself, "Blogger of the Night" kind of like "Lady of the Night" but less prostitute-ey, unless you're into that kind of thing, then whatever. I'll try anything once. Plus, night is the only time I have to blog. Work was a party today. Loved it, my favorite parts where when I got Ryan to touch my bug zapper and it hurt a lot more than we were anticipating and when George blew a hard boiled egg right out of it's shell (that happened yesterday, but I'm still mind-boggled over it) and when Justin lobbed two wet wads of toilet paper at Other Ryan's truck at the end of the day.  We can all agree that my job rocks. ha. rocks...I work with rocks. oh boy. That was a bad one.
Hey, tell you what, I'll just post a picture of a super creeper chica. that will take your mind off my bad joke.
BAM! What were we talking about?
Flanders and I are catching up on weeks of missed episodes of How I Met Your Mother.  Married life is the best. Though, I still haven't watched this week's episode of The Bachelorette. I know, WHAT?! I guess there are more important things in life than living vicariously through Emily Maynard. Plus, the dudes she got stuck with seems like a familiar effect explained in aforementioned t.v. show:
The Cheerleader Effect:
Where a group of girls is seemingly hot, but take them individually they are horribly ugly.
That's how I feel about the group of guys on The Bachelorette this season. Just a bunch of unattractive tool bags thrown into a room to fight over a mega hot chick. Poor girl. I pity her, especially because I have a super mega awesome foxy hot husband rubbing my feet right now. ahhh, life.


  1. That picture is SUPER creepy.

    I love every second of it.

  2. The Cheerleader Effect is exactly what I thought of on the first episode!! HIMYM for the win. However, Arie completely won me over this week. I approve of him. And Sean. Oh, and kind of Chris. But not Ryan anymore. And definitely not Kalon.

  3. Great!




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