Sky Diving

I just got home from a Zumba class taught by a fantastically peppy male teacher wearing a shirt with a giant green tiger on it.  I've never been to one taught by a dude. And I was so jealous of his shirt. And it was the best Zumba class I have been to.  Kicked my butt.

And now I am curled up next to Sexy Flanders and the world's biggest pile of laundry.  I think that we both keep hoping the other will fold it and put it away. annnd it's not happening. oh well. one day we will run out of clothes and have to start working on it.

On my way home from the gym tonight, I had my arm out the window and was blasting the heater in my car.  It was something my Grandma used to do.  She would open all the windows in the car on a cool summer's evening and have the heater on to keep us warm.  It was amazing. I had my arm out the window and was doing that up and down thing that makes your arm fly around like a roller coaster.  Made me want to go skydiving.  Flander's bffs are going this weekend for one of his buddy's birthday and we want to go so bad.  But we probably won't because it'll be like, $450 buckaroos. So I have to just go back and watch this over and over.
probably one of the coolest things I've ever done and would like to do again. Maybe in Hawaii this fall?


  1. wait, i want a green shirt with a tiger on it. i don't care if its not a giant tiger. any tiger will do.

    i've always wanted to go skydiving. one day, one day.

  2. Eye of the tiger, eh? I'd have loved to see that. And those car rides with your Grandma, how sweet. I've never heard of anyone blasting the heat with all windows I have to try on those cool summer nights!

  3. I can't even think about skydiving.

    I've turned into such a pansy, I'm embarrassed.


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