365 Days Already?

Holy. Crap. No one knows how the last year went by so fast, but it is in fact our ONE YEAR anniversary. I just can't believe it. We celebrated this weekend by going to Flander's mom's house in Heber and swimming for 5 hours where I sacrificed my shoulders and chest to the Sun God.
Don't feel bad for me. I don't deserve your pity.
Then we went over to Park City to ride the Alpine Slide.  It's this slide that runs down the mountain side on yellow sleds.  You ride up on the ski lift that is going 10 times slower than it does during the winter and get to enjoy the scenery.  It's actually quite relaxing.  We also saw the World's Fattest Squirrel.  It was fantastic. We had just bought some slushies because it was a whopping 98 degrees outside and we get to the ski lift and hear you're not allowed to have food or drink.  So we put them in my purse.  That's really the only reason I have a purse.  Just in case I need to hide food. Amiright, ladies?
such a nice little joy ride.

Now when we got to the top, of course I needed to to a little trash talking to my husband of one year.  Tell him he stands no chance and belittle him in front of everyone.  That's the magic of marriage.  You can do that as a way of affection.  And I totally backed up my trash talk by smokin' him.
He's a good loser.
(also we decided my track was faster. and by "we" I mean him.)
The plan after the Alpine Slide was to go walk up and down Main St. in Park City, but there was some catering convention going on and there were all these tables in the streets and all the stores and restaurants were closed for the evening.  We were kinda bummed (and I was suddenly feeling the affects of my skin condition and having a bit of a dramatic moment over it) so we headed back to our car to find a different place to get some foodage.  Landon knew of this place he had been to once, but he couldn't remember the name or where it was, but that's where he wanted to go for dinner.  This is what he said, "I don't know if I will be able to find it though...oh. there it is." bam. right in front of us.  And it was delish.  AND our waitress gave us 36% off our check for our anniversary. So sweet of her. 
I'm in love with those glasses.
By the time we were done with dinner and grabbed our stuff from his momma's house, it was 9:30 and I had to be at work early the next morning, or else we would have hit up the shops again.  But I got off early today and came home to have the best anniversary a girl could ask for.  He rubbed aloe vera all over my shoulders and let me lay on the couch and read while he did the dishes.  I even got a nap in there.  Naps are a rare occurrence these days and also why I am up right now instead of being passed out next to said husband.  He cooked me an amazing dish of spaghetti and meatballs all by himself and tickled my arm while we watched Dumb and Dumber.
After we let dinner settle for a bit, we broke out the top tier from our wedding cake and cut ourselves a piece and fed it to each other.  I may have smashed my piece in Landon's face because we didn't do that on our wedding day. He wasn't as entertained as I was.

I look a tad mischievous already... he shoulda seen it coming.
Now last year, we set off those sky lanterns like in Tangled at the end of our reception.  It was completely magical and my mom saved us a big red heart shaped on for our anniversary.  We ran outside and lit her up and set her free in a hurry.  We have a lot of big trees and stuff around us and there is this massive wild fire down the road a ways so if this thing was gonna light up the place we didn't want to be held accountable. It was fun to watch it float up into the evening sky wrapped in the arms of my man, thinking about how happy we were one year ago today and how happy he has kept me everyday since.

probably the worst picture ever.  the flash on my camera is deadly.
Sometimes I stare at this kid and think how weird it is we've been married a year.  And how I never expected to land myself such a hottie.  But beyond his God-like features and rock hard abs, there is the sweetest, most selfless person I have ever met. He found a way passed my insecurities and my obnoxiousness and brought out the person I longed to be.  He's changed me in ways I never thought possible and I owe him everything for it.  Everyone on this planet deserves what I have.  And I think we'll all get our hands on it at some point.  Whether you met at a bar after a funeral, or in an empty showroom apartment.  If you're celebrating your anniversary or sending him off to Chile for two years.  Nothing in life or love is perfect, but that's the best part.  Keeps things interesting, ya know?

go HERE if you wanna read about our awesome day one year ago.


  1. Happy anniversary! Sounds like you guys had a great weekend celebration, and that alpine slide looks like a blast.

  2. Happy anniversary!

    Let's talk alpine slide. My boyfriend has been trying to get me to do this since we started dating. It's been four years and I still haven't gone with him. Why? Because I'm scared.

    Please tell me that my fears are irrational and I will go with him.

    Maybe not.

    Also, how is the wedding cake after a year in the freezer? I'm dying to know.

  3. Happy Anniversary!! You guys are too cute.

  4. Ah I love this! Congratulations!

  5. What a great day. An anniversary and you got to lay ON the sun.

  6. You and your boyfriend seem like you would be the cutest, most adoorable couple ever! Congratulations! <3


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