So I am at work right now.  Yep, it is 9 pm on a Sunday night, but you know what? I don't even care. I am even enjoying it.  I'm out on the back deck watching the sun set and drinking water that I put in my empty Redbull can.
I'm probably going to be here awhile, but that's cool.
So I had every intention of posting last night because I had an amazing day off.  First one in twelve days.  I love my job so much, but everyone needs a day off every now and then. We went to the temple with our best friend JJ and his family, 
had lunch at Texas Roadhouse and then walked around the mall for two hours even though I was feeling like I was about to barf.  We had a great time though.
This was me trying to be provocative next to J's broseph Spencer who just likes to show off his modeling skills. 
And just driving around with my boo. He's so sexy.
Flanders bought a model car yesterday and put it together in like 15 minutes flat, I wanted a picture to put on the ol bloggy because I was so impressed.  We tried so many times to get a good photo but we failed.  
"look how cool!"

"What kind of car is that?"

"hoes be jealous."

Clearly, we were meant for each other with our bad picture taking skills. Oh well. you get the point.

p.s. I  got Flanders to admit the cat helicopter is funny.  He says it's only because you all peer pressured him. Way to go everyone. :)


  1. Oh that last picture is funny I have to admit, sorry to your husband. Funny pictures will always be the best pictures though! I think everyone has definitely had pictures of them on the internet that they certainly do not want uploaded, but there'd be no fun in it if it wasn't put up!
    Loving your sunglasses!

  2. Nice sexy pose xD Gorgeous sunglasses, too!



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