cat calls are good for a girl's self image.

I was walking out of a gas station tonight with my diet coke and some Jolly Ranchers when some hormonal high school toddlers gave me an "ow ow!" while hanging out the window of their mother's Chevy Tahoe.  How do I know it was their mother's? The pink hibiscus sticker on the back.  And if it's their sticker? Well, then I believe the cat call I thought  was directed at me must have been for the bald man behind me.  Pff. What am I saying? I was rockin' my cowgirl boots. Of course they were hollering at me. And I needed it.  Sometimes that's all it takes. I don't even care that they were probably 17 and hopped up on Lucky Charms.  Does that make me a cougar?

Oh, back to the boots...the bald man behind me in line was admiring them and said, "I really like your boots."  But bald man was a tad soft spoken and I thought a completely different asset of mine was complimented. I imagine this is how my face looked...
But then I realized he was looking at my feet. Though I probably would have given him more credit as a man if he hadn't been complimenting my footwear...


  1. That DOES make you a cougar.

    I would totally whistle at you if I could whistle.

  2. Oh dumb and dumber and the lessons we learn from it! haha I love it!

  3.'s true. stupid as it is, it's pretty valorising!


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