Finally Home.

it's official. we are moved into our new place, and out of the old one.  We just spent our evening cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.  And I am proud to say we have locked the doors and washed our hands of the provo apartment.  Though I felt a twinge of sadness as I looked one last time at our empty home. Our first home. Lots of good memories and a great place to begin a life together.  That sadness pretty much evaporated when I saw the pony out front when we got back to our new place.  It's not "home" yet though.  It still feels like we're just in a hotel or something.  What I'm saying is, I don't feel quite comfortable enough yet to just walk around in my underwear eating chocolate frosting straight out of the jar. Not that I ever did that at our old place.....
I don't have much to report as far as this weekend goes.  We just moved. All day everyday. We are exhausted. My dad has been selling pesticides out in Ohio for the past couple months and had to come back for work for a couple days and what did he do with his Father's Day weekend? He taxied mine and Landon's crap back and forth in 95 degree weather and smiled the whole time.  I think this is why my dad is the best.
You don't have to tell me.  I know I look amazing.
Oh! So here is a story.  I went to get the oil changed in my company truck today at the Jiffy Lube by my apartment.  I was just hanging out in the waiting room watching re-runs of Family Feud when the dude came in to talk to me about what they were going to be doing.  I look at this kid and suddenly realize he is the younger brother of this bodaggot I dated for like, a week.  Then said bodaggot started dating my roommate for like, a week. What a douche-canoe. Still bitter about that one.  Anyway, I'm completed caught off guard because of all my exes (if he can even be considered that) he is the last I would ever want reconnect with.  So I'm trying to not make eye contact and kind of slant my head at the floor hoping he doesn't recognize me.  Not that he would. I think I talked to him for all of five minutes when we all went camping once.  He was being super nice to me, looking back it's probably because he thought I was handicapped.  What with all my twitching and spastic speech patterns and junk. I think it's safe to say I win this week's Awkward Award.  Oh well, I've got the rest of the week to redeem myself...or outdo myself. It's up in the air right now.  
night poodles.


  1. I hate running into people like that! I do the same thing. I also hate when I get an oil change and they try to sell me stuff I don't need.

    Actually, I should probably change one of the filters in my car, but I refuse to out of spite.

  2. I hate moving! It's such a pain in the ass. However, once you get all settled in it's worth it to move on.

  3. bahahaha. i love everything about this post. bodaggat.

  4. Moving is the worst! Actually, I think I hate the cleaning part the very most!! But I'm so glad you guys are in your new place and getting settled! The walking around in only underwear will be underway VERY soon ;)


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