Forgotten Birthday, it was my blog's first birthday yesterday....and I forgot. What a horrible Blog Mom I am. This justifies my fears of caring for actual children. So I got my blog a card.
and inside it reads:

dear bloggy,
I'm sorry I suck. But I did learn this song just for you.
It's "Happy Birthday" but I decided not to sing along after the 10th time filming it because I can't seem to not make a fool of my self when I open my mouth. I figured the "space alien" filter was much better than me singing anyways. So sing along in your head, like I did.
Happy Late Birthday Bloggeth Jingleheimer Street.
love, Blog Mom

also, I am just showing off my ukulele skills.


  1. happy blog birthday! and those ukulele skills are IM-PRESS-IVE.

  2. Your a whackadoodle. I am so glad your blog was born.

  3. Aha! You make me laugh and your blog is adorable. I'm excited to say I'm happy to be a new follower of your blog! Come visit me at:
    We & Serendipity

    ♥ xoxo.


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