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nothing. and it's amazing.
actually, I'm just sitting here blogging (of course) while I watch Flanders put together his new bookcase.  If you'll recall, we have been in this exact scenario before. here. I'm such a good helper. and by "helper" I mean company. at least this time Flanders has tools from this century so he doesn't have to do it all by hand.
(I'm in a bathrobe. judge me. I don't care.)
Our one year anniversary is coming up on Sunday and I got Landon a bookcase and he got me a nightstand. We're so romantic. But we are very excited about it.
Yesterday, we actually went out with friends and had a bonfire. A rare occurrence these days. But it was good to catch up with those hosers.
Take notice of Beiber-Hair over there.  It won't be like that for long.  Another anniversary gift he had to have was this kit from Costco that has all these legit hair cutting tools. I believe his words were, "think of how much money we'll save if you just cut my hair from now on."  Which technically will be true.... the kid spends a good $30 bucks on a hair cut.  Me? I prefer Dollar Cuts. Sort of a wham bam thank you m'am kinda deal. But Flanders doesn't trust any place that has "sales" on hair cuts ever since he got accidental steps on one side of his head from a chick at a beauty school. Anyways, he thinks we'll save money.  You want to know what I think? I think he'll get one hair cut from me, decide to never let me do it again, go back to the $30 hair cuts AND we just dropped $40 on a hair cut kit from Costco.  So no. I don't think we'll save money in the long run.  I only say this because the only hair cut I have ever given was to my dog once a long time ago.  After that one hair cut my mom didn't let me near the dog with scissors ever again. 
It's ok though, I'm just writing this one down so when I want to buy something frivolous that he doesn't think is a good idea, I'll just say, "remember that hair cut kit?" and then I'll get anything I want.
good thing I like this guy....

and now for some pictures of cats...
Landon and I can't stop laughing about this picture.  This is what he just told me, "I just think of this cat that's like, half retarded because it has eaten too much rat poison or something and it's never had Fancy Feast before and it's so excited as it lifts it's head up out of it's little box and has drool coming out of it's mouth and is all, 'ERMAHGERD!! FERNCER FERST!'"

This just weird. and hilarious.
hairless cats freak me out.



  1. Oh my word, the cat pictures! Is there anything in life more funny? One of my residents ha a sphinx cat... they're one of the hairless varieties, and it's the craziest thing I've ever seen. Every time I see it I just wanna bust up laughing, but I don't because I'm afraid that would be considered rude.

    Manfriend promised me a nightstand 2 years ago... he kind of delivered. He bought the wood, and assembled most of it. But he never built the drawer, or stained and sealed it. Someday, I'll be as cool as you and I'll have a finished nightstand. I'm so jealous.

  2. Hahaha that last picture! Has that cat got a beer belly and boobs? Wow. Makes me laugh how his face is so skinny though! Poor Charles, everyone understands why he wears a wig.

  3. Those cats are weird. And flanders face well, run!

  4. Happy Anniversary on Sunday!! It's amazing how time flies :) And seriously... the longer you're married the less unromantic it gets. It's so sad to get so excited about furniture for gifts... I guess that means we are officially grown ups :) ha ha!
    You two are the CUTEST!


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