New Home!!

Flanders and I are at a stand still argument where neither of us are budging on our opinions.  So I'm throwing this one out there.  Who thinks this is funny, and who doesn't?

Some Danish dude's cat got hit by a car, so to honor him, he had him stuffed and made into a remote control helicopter.
Don't believe me? here is a picture.
and a video...

I think it's genius, Flanders thinks it's disrespectful. I say people mourn in different ways, he says this guy is seriously disturbed. I'm not saying that I would ever do it, I just think it's weirdly hilarious. What do you think?

On a separate note, Sexy F and I found a new apartment and we are freaking stoked. It has a pony and chickens and a rope swing and a cherry tree and..... THREE DOGS!! I'm freaking out. And the apartment is beautiful and I just want to live there right now.  We don't get to move in until next week, so I'll just be dreaming about it until then.  Before I got to see it, Landon was telling me about it over the phone.  This is how the convo went:

Flanders: They even have a Shetland pony.
Me: I'm only moving in on the condition that I actually get to ride the pony.
Flanders: ....I don't think adults can ride on ponies....
Me: is that a fat joke?

But even without being able to ride 18 year old Coco in the contract, I just love the place and I can't wait to move in. and- there is counter space in the bathroom so I don't have to keep all my bobby pins in the washing machine anymore. #doeslifegetbetterthanthis?


  1. holy hell. Can I say disturbing and hilarious?

  2. At first I was disturbed, now I'm laughing xD Disturbingly hilarious? (Please, let me never become that kind of a crazy cat lady.)

    (Hi btw, I'm your latest follower! :D)


  3. Pictures...I want to see LOTS of pictures of that apartment!

    That cat is creepy. And awesome. At the same time.

  4. Omg that cat is amazing! So disturbing, but absolutely amazing!

  5. That cat is straight up creepy. Your retelling of this story is hilarious.

    Just found you through Dusty's blog. She has the best taste in blogs.

  6. Sexy Flanders you don't even know! Effing hilarious is all I can say. This is my favorite blog post of yours....and we seriously need pics of this wonderland of a home.

  7. Wowza's a pony! That is the best apartment ever, as long as you don't have to clean up the poop! I laughed a bunch when I first saw that cat video but then I thought...not sure if I'd want that done to Zero. Hmm still genius!

  8. Girl, you are a nut. I guess this cat was just destine to fly either way.


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