New Pad!

Ok you guys, I snapped just a few pictures tonight when we stopped by our new place.  I'll get more later when it is more put together.
The beautiful ivy growing up the wall next to our door.
 The is the big ol' yard and the cherry/apple trees.
Behind me is even more yard and some gorgeous rose bushes.
Our kitchen.  Dying over how much counter space I have.
It makes me want to actually try something I have pinned on Pinterest. 
Um, World's Best Landlords? I'd say so.
 The chickens. They were surprisingly sociable. I think they just wanted food.
Can't blame 'em though.  That's usually the reason I'm so friendly.
 Coco the pony.  She's a brat apparently.
You guys, I'm dying. We only moved a small portion of all the crap we own into it tonight. And now our current place looks like a tornado tore through the living room.  We are going to take the next week or so to move in slowly.  I'm in love, though. I never want to live anywhere else.


  1. Congratulations on the new place! It looks like a great place to make some amazing memories.

  2. Beautiful yard and kitchen! Good luck with the rest of the move :)

  3. It looks like a great space! Especially that yard!

  4. I love it! You live on a farm!! How fun! Looks so cute!

  5. that kitchen! holy counter space is right. oh man oh man. stay away from the brat ... we don't want you to get hurt.

  6. i'm usually nice for the same reason. food.

  7. Soooooo CUTE! I can't wait to see more! (FYI the main reason I checked this out is because I thought it said new iPad. I thought it was a giveaway.)

  8. I am a new follower :) Your new place looks super cute!!

    Feel free to pop by and say hello sometime!! ;)

  9. Hi I miss you! Sorry I'm behind on blog posts, actually blogging from the Atlanta airport! LOVE the new place! And CHICKENS! chickens are my favorite!

  10. How exciting! Oh this makes me miss our first apartment! We were in the basement and in the country with chickens and sheep! It was so much fun! Thanks for the fun post Whitney!


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