Sugar Daddy

Twas a successful day today. Worked all day long and hadn't eaten since lunch yesterday, BUT I used that as an excuse to go get a nice dinner with Sexy Flanders and go walk around the mall.  I really had only one intention of buying some new VS sparkle mist because mine is empty. Sadly, they didn't have the kind I love, but I still got some good stuff. Also, I got Mr. Flanders to buy us some shades from one of those obnoxious kiosks. Really, I just wanted to stop and look because I have been in the market for some new glasses when I threw mine gently on the grass and they exploded into a billion pieces. 100 points to my mom for somehow putting them back together.  But you know when you break something and you're sad because you loved it but then you're excited because you get to go shopping for a brand new something? That's how I was feeling.  So while I am stoked that my aviators are back from the dead, I still wanted to buy some more.  I told Flanders he was sexy in aviators and the short Asian man running the joint overheard and decided to not let us leave without buying something. I'm not mad though, we look great.
wow, even I'm attracted to me.
Don't worry though, we didn't stop there, I let Flanders take me into his favorite store (Hot Topic) to look at the t-shirts in there. After about ten minutes I couldn't handle the demon scream-o music anymore.  We left and I told him I wanted to go to the music store.  He wasn't too thrilled, but I said to him, I said, "Flanders, I went into hell with you, now you have to come look at sheet music with me." So he did. Next thing we know, five minutes have passed and I am completely sold on a ukulele. I'm easily swayed when it comes to instruments and I told Flanders earlier he had to buy me a present tonight because he keeps buying crap for himself. Apparently the sparkle spray and radical shades didn't count. My boss Justin told me the system to get Flanders to buy me what I wanted, it's genius, really.  I was going to try to put the plan into action, but Flanders got really excited about the ukulele.  He's been trying to find me a new hobby so I'll leave him alone. Our marriage is awesome.  It really is, though.
so now I'm jamming out on my new uke, I'll probably be up all night.
i love it. and my new shades.


  1. should have gotten a t shirt from hell and worn it in the last picture with your other gems.

    1. I totally almost bought a V for Vendetta shirt, but I decided against it. But I promised myself I'd go back and get it.

  2. Sometimes it really pays to be a rock star.

  3. woo hoo! ive got family in hawaii n they play the uke, do beach yoga and go surfing - youd fit right in, hahaha

    And lovely blog~ I'm following now : ) Care to check out my blog. i post about love, life, and happiness xx


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