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psych. there is no beep on this blog, but I really am not here today.  I'm finally breaking out of my blog-bubble and doing my first guest post over at Dusty's blog.  Go and check it out. It's like, one of the greatest blogs out there anyways. Here is her link!


  1. New follower! Loved your guest post!!

  2. Ditto! You are hilarious chica. Can't wait to read more!

  3. I just love you. Hahaha, you're hilarious.

  4. I too found you through Dusty. I love that you said your husband blasted your panties off. On that note, I must follow you! PS - I love your meant for each other picture with the dirtbike gear. I love riding!

  5. Thank you for being my bloggy friend and being a Hit Tamale!


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