This is what you've been waiting for....

ok, I'm back. just like I promised.  Just wanted to say thanks to all you for your kind words over my hooker hair. Made me feel like a princess. So perhaps an explanation to my absence. We had a lil holiday last week here in Utah.  Pioneer Day or something.  Anyway, we got Monday and Tuesday off work and had ourselves a glorious four day weekend.  Flanders and I sort of took upon ourselves to cut off from everyone and just spend it together because we work so much. But we did head out to the desert to do some riding with his fan on Saturday.  We got out there and there wasn't a soul in sight.  They were all, "I've never seen it so empty here before." and I was all, "you'll understand as soon as we step out of the car." and they did. it was 98 degrees and sunny. and it was miserably hot.
But as soon as we got riding, it was bearable. not comfortable, but I wasn't quite withering away. I did crash though. On the world's dumbest hill climb I've done a thousand times. My bike just tipped over on top of me and I couldn't get my leg out from under it and I hurt my arm, so I just layed down on the rock waiting for Landon to come help me. Of course when he saw me underneath the bike not moving he freaked out.  I need to make some sort of sign to let him know I'm ok.  I'll just start doing SCUBA hand gestures.  Those are pretty universal.
On our way down there, we had to stop at Rocky Mountain ATV to buy something for someone, don't remember the details, I was outside playing with the dog.  But Landon hit his $1000 expenditure there and got a $50 gift card.  Which lucky me, was spent entirely on me.
I got a hat and a shirt. high roller. $1000 bucks and I get a hat and shirt. Good thing they're really cute.
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday though was me and Landy time.  We went to Color Me Mine and painted mugs.  Mine sucks, but Landon's is awesome.  Of course he went the Yamaha route and I finished my entire mug by the time he finished sketching the Yamaha logo on it.  Needless to say he didn't get his finished, so we'll have to go back.  I intend on making a better one.  Which is why I'm not going to show you a picture of mine.  But here is Landy hard at work.
I bought him that shirt.  He looks so hot in it.  Mmm!
This last weekend though, we did a whole lotta nothing.  Basically all I accomplished were the curls.  Which as I said before, I'm way too excited about. So, yeah.  I think we are up to speed with things again.  And now I bid thee goodnight because I just found out Keeping up with the Kardashians is on Netflix. Judge me.

Better Post Coming Soon

Ok, this is me promising you a real blog post by this evening. I'm serious. There will be lots of words.  We got our internet up and going finally yesterday, but by the time we got home from our friend's birthday shindig it was late and Landon and I hadn't watched Desperate Housewives since like, Thursday. We had to get caught up on our Netflix that had been down because of the internet sucking. But until this afternoon, when I can leave you with a decent post, I leave you this picture of my new do.
you guys, I'm way too excited about this. My hair never curls this amazingly.
I'm never doing my hair any other way ever again.
Even though I kind of look like a hooker from Texas....Maybe that's why I like it so much...
food for thought.

Guest Posting

ok. fine. I've been lazy, shut up.
BUT, in my defense, our internet has been down for the last like, 4 days now. So that's why I haven't blogged for the last 4 days. because I have been wanting to.  Lucky for me, I have a guest post over at Alissa's blog today. So since this post sucks, go over there and read that one. And while you're there, you might as well peruse around because she is hilarious. By far one of the coolest bloggers out there.

Happy Place

Landon: Check out the light saber I got with my dude on Zombie Lane today.
Landon: And it's super powerful.
Me: .....

I bought him a brand new $350 Play Station Vita, plus memory card, plus games, plus a case for his birthday earlier this year and he has way more fun with his free Zombie Lane game on his phone.  And sometimes....I get jealous of the dumb thing.  And I get really bratty and annoyed. So there you have it. A glimpse into the personal issues of Whitney and Landon. Tune in next week when we get into what it means when Landon says, "She's just pulling a 'Whitney'" and it's not a reference to a cute quirk.

So these past couple days have been all over the place.  As you all know, I have been counting down the hours to when I got to see Wicked. Well, ladies and gentlemen, the moment finally came last night.  It was completely magical.  I just want to go watch it again and again and again.  Though, there was one downside.  The air conditioner broke (seems to happening quite frequently in my life...maybe I'm jinxed.) and it was literally 90 degrees in there.  It was ridiculous.  I ended up fashioning fans out of my WAQTC manual I was studying during intermission for Flanders and me.  That worked like a charm. Aside from the almost unbearable heat though, it was amazing.

Before Wicked though, I spent my entire day in a classroom desperately trying to memorize step-by-step procedures and formulas for this WAQTC certification I need for work.  It's funny, I've been doing all this stuff for over a year now, but I was so nervous about it, I was completely over thinking everything and psyching myself out.  I was highlighting everything, I had three and a half pages full of questions I was saving for the end of class, and I was an inch away from scribbling formulas up and down my arms.
I had to go into the bathroom today before the exam, look in the mirror and give myself a pep talk similar to this:

Didn't exactly work...but this text from Flanders did:

Landon: Good luck on your test today, baby! You'll do great, I know you will! I love you!

to which I responded,

Me: Thanks babe. I'll do my best. And if I'm not home when you get back, assume I failed and ran away.

But good news, I didn't fail. I passed! But not without looking like an idiot in a few scenarios. Ah well. won't be seeing those people again for awhile, I think I'll live it down.  But after it was over I decided I was going to use the gift cards to a day spa my mom and grandma gave me for my birthday.  I have never gotten a massage before and oh. my. gosh.
Back in 9th grade in my anger management class, they were always referring to your "happy place" and you need to go there if you're getting angry. I never really could figure it out, sure I'd think of a big comfy bed in the middle of the woods with birds singing cheerful tunes and a mega hot dude cooking for me with his shirt off... but you know....what good does that do when your about to go into a raging fit? Not a lot. Except maybe just piss you off more because it's not real? I dunno..... My point is, is that I found my real happy place today.  The full body massage was to die for. The pedicure? Just what I needed.  And the European Facial? I have a theory that they just euthanized me temporarily and for 60 minutes, I was literally in heaven.
and, I'm in love with this color.
So now, if I'm every angry or sad or jealous of stupid Zombie Lane, I'm just going to go to my new happy place.
it's settled.


ok, so it was my birthday this weekend. no big deal. actually, it was. my birthday is a HUGE deal. Especially this year because it landed on Friday the 13th.  Which is the same day I was born.  My mom takes great pride in the fact that I was a Friday the 13th baby. She thinks that makes me special or something...My mom thinks I'm special.
This year, all I wanted to do was spend time with my mom and sister because I haven't seen much of them lately. tender, right?  So we spent the weekend up in L-town.  We got up there Friday night after Landon got home from work.  It was the wind storm of the century.  Well, actually no, that storm passed through here a couple months ago, BUT it was way windy.  Had to keep it inside most of the weekend.  Not complaining though, it's so much better than the Satan temperatures we were experiencing last week.  We went to dinner at and came home to play Mario Kart and finally have cake at midnight after our food babies had digested.  Things had gotten a little crazy, hence my face.
being intoxicated would be a better excuse...
Also, you can't really tell, but the cake decor says, "Hadyib Dyhaptyr!"
It's an inside joke from like, 20 years ago. We all get it except for Landon.  After they got done singing to me, Landon was all, "wait, what does that say?" and we were all like, "HADYIB DYHAPTYR!" and then failed to give him an explanation.  Though, I don't think he really wanted one.
I was showered with gifts, one of my favorites would have to be the Oakley's Landy gave me.  They are gorgeous, though a small part of me doesn't think I should be trusted with such a beautiful thing.  There is a reason I only own $15 pairs of sunglasses...
hot, right?
On Saturday, it was Landon's lil bro's birthday, so we all drove down to Boondocks and met up with his family to spend the day together and party it up. 
While Landon and his fam went for round two on the Mini Golf, my mom, sis and I went and blew all our tokens on a russian roulette game and made bank in tickets.  Which we traded in for those stretchy, sticky hands that you fling and they stick to walls and stuff.  Which resulted in a full out battle in the middle of Boondocks.  Only instead of walls, we were flinging them at each other's faces. It was amazing.  Those thirty cent toys were completely worth the $25 admission fees.  Especially on the drive home when my mom was defenseless against me.
We got home and we were completely exhausted.  We just sort of hung out and talked.  I got to snuggle with my pooch who I just love and adore.
He won't sleep anywhere except his little doggy bed unless I come home, then he HAS to sleep with me. I love it.  But sometimes he isn't ready for bed when I am, so he will come a couple hours later and sit on the floor by my bed and whine until I pick him up and put him under the blankets with me.  He used to jump by himself, but he is getting old and can't do it anymore.  But sometimes, I don't hear him crying for a long time and Landon is all, " something about your dog...."
On Sunday, we had a little cookout and enjoyed the nice 70 degree weather during our lunch.  We spent the rest of the day turning old books into really awesome journals.  I don't have a picture of mine right now, but I will get one up sometime soon.  They are super cool.  We seriously spent hours on them.  And Landon played "my" new Mario game that he got "me" for my birthday. And by "me" I mean "him."  
It was a spectacular birthday-weekend though.  Much needed. And now that it's Monday, I need to start planning again for this weekend.  Word on the street is that we get a four-day weekend because of the 24th.  It's Pioneer Day here in Utah for all you out-of-staters. holler. 
oh, and....
I've been slacking on my instagram countdown, but I'm still keeping track. EEP!!

Hott Mess

You guys, I apologize for my prolonged absences.  We have been gone, and then our internet gave up on us and I just haven't had a chance to sit down and muster up a blog post.  It's been so ridiculously hot here in Utah for the past few days, I believe we hit 104 degrees today.
104 DEGREES!!!
Sorry for the dramatic font. But come on. That's sick. where did I leave off with y'all? oh yeah, horse-back riding.  That- was quite the adventure.  They slapped my on the Godfather of all horses and sent me up a rocky mountain.  It was a beautiful ride and my horsey was well-behaved for the most part.  Only once did he decide he didn't want to go any further and would not move no matter how much I kicked him and pulled on the reins.  Mike had to come and hit him on the nose.  I'm surprised I didn't think of that.  It's what I usually do when Landon is being stubborn.  Works like a charm!
Then, on Sunday after church we went up to the dam to hang out with my mom and sister and neighbors from home.  Every year we do this four-day trip up there and boat and camp.  Landy and I didn't get to go this year because of work, but we did get to spend the afternoon with everyone and swim in the lake.  Also, we rode around on those paddle boards that you stand on and paddle around with.  I want one so bad now!! Just don't really have anywhere to use it. But seriously? so fun.
 and it's so BEAUTIFUL up there.

I freaking LOVE this guy. 
MMM!! so hot.

So, my birthday is on Friday... Pretty excited about that. I love birthdays. Also, it's on Friday the 13th which hasn't happened in a really long time so I think I am going to have to walk under a couple ladders and maybe break a mirror on the face of a black cat or something. maybe not that last one.  not a huge cat fan, as I have said before, but I don't want to hurt em. I dunno. Birthday plans are still up in the air. BUT- the real  countdown that is on is to Wicked.  Flander's mom got us tickets for my birthday and it's next week and I'm so excited I cry a little every time I think about it.  So. seven days til that. yay! :)

....that's about all I got tonight. peace out homies.

A little bit country....I hope...

I dyed my hair red. Hated it. Dyed it more red, and I think I'm ok with the second turn out. I look less like a carrot. Here is my photo booth shoot:

I'll spare you the other 59 pictures I took.  You get the point. It's red. hooray.

So, I'm just hangin out here at the in-laws waiting for them to get home.  Flanders has to work later today because he is working the asphalt side of things today instead of soil. AKA he is finally finding out what it's like to "work." pah!  So instead of waiting ten years to hang out with him, I'm going to go horseback riding with his mom and step-dad. It will be interesting. I like to think of myself as a little bit country.  You know, I listen to Luke Bryan's speakers go boom boom day in and day out.  My brother is a rodeo star, grandparents have a ranch in Montana.  But thinking back now, I don't know when the last time I went horseback riding that wasn't on a guided tour on 20 year old, half-sedated, grandpa horse... This evening could be interesting. Oh well, I'm wearing my cowboy boots in hopes to trick the horses into thinking that I know what I am doing. I will let you know how it works out.

My Other Best Friend...

The Bachelorette is on as we speak, but I can't watch it because we don't have t.v. anymore.  So to pass the time, I like to look at pictures of me and my Shadow Babes.  We spent the weekend swimming and working on our tans.  We had a great time.  He has easily made his way onto my BFF list despite him eating my hair every chance he gets and stealing my shoes.

He's my little man.
Not a lot of people can make you feel as loved as your dog can.

Photo Dump: Operation Girl's Day

Yesterday I had a girl's day with my old roommate/BFF Nanchang.  She and I went up to the house and swam in the pool while Flanders and Skyler took the motorcycles out for a ride.  It was a most excellent day, I managed to even out my sun burn and get some more color on my albino legs.
This is the one and only photo I got where Shadow Pups wasn't a giant blur.  He is in hard core puppy mode.  You can't see it in the picture, but I have him in a headlock.
Chang and I would lay out for a minute or two, but it was so hot we couldn't stay out of the water.
we call this the "Helga" look.
favorite picture of the day.
or maybe this one is...

after a good four hours in the pool, we decided we couldn't take much more sun so we got showered and dressed and made our way over to Park City to do some shopping.  We only took one wrong exit.  We consider that to be a feat in itself.
It was the Kimball Jct. exit that we were looking for...
We went into a leather coat shop just to look, where we found countless gems like this.
If it hadn't been $500 dollars, I may have even bought it.
I did, however, end up leaving the store with this beauty.  Couldn't help it.  It was on a mega deal, it would have been wrong not to.  Now I just need to wait til September when I actually can stand to wear a leather jacket.  I love it though. A lot.  Nanc managed to narrow down her purse selection and bought herself and gorgeous coral red leather purse.  I love it.
We bought a lot of stuff, but we don't even feel bad.  Not even a little.
and I bought Flanders a shirt so he couldn't be mad.
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