Better Post Coming Soon

Ok, this is me promising you a real blog post by this evening. I'm serious. There will be lots of words.  We got our internet up and going finally yesterday, but by the time we got home from our friend's birthday shindig it was late and Landon and I hadn't watched Desperate Housewives since like, Thursday. We had to get caught up on our Netflix that had been down because of the internet sucking. But until this afternoon, when I can leave you with a decent post, I leave you this picture of my new do.
you guys, I'm way too excited about this. My hair never curls this amazingly.
I'm never doing my hair any other way ever again.
Even though I kind of look like a hooker from Texas....Maybe that's why I like it so much...
food for thought.


  1. I like your hair like this - what are you doing different?

  2. Definitely not a hooker. A high class prostitute that governors pay for, if anything.

    Kidding! But the curls.

  3. Love your hair!
    It's gorgeous :)

  4. those are some really perfect curls!

  5. Your hair looks awesome! And my hairstylist always told me that Texas women were just closer to God with all that hair, so it can't be a bad thing ;)

  6. the way you write your posts is so funny!! :) love it! xo

  7. I LOVE your hair, almost as much as I luv'd your hooker comment!

  8. haha I love falling on dumb hill's like slow motion too. And you keep thinking "am I really falling? oh crap I am. They are gonna laugh at me" hahahaha. I still love that Yamaha cup. A lot.


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