ok, so it was my birthday this weekend. no big deal. actually, it was. my birthday is a HUGE deal. Especially this year because it landed on Friday the 13th.  Which is the same day I was born.  My mom takes great pride in the fact that I was a Friday the 13th baby. She thinks that makes me special or something...My mom thinks I'm special.
This year, all I wanted to do was spend time with my mom and sister because I haven't seen much of them lately. tender, right?  So we spent the weekend up in L-town.  We got up there Friday night after Landon got home from work.  It was the wind storm of the century.  Well, actually no, that storm passed through here a couple months ago, BUT it was way windy.  Had to keep it inside most of the weekend.  Not complaining though, it's so much better than the Satan temperatures we were experiencing last week.  We went to dinner at and came home to play Mario Kart and finally have cake at midnight after our food babies had digested.  Things had gotten a little crazy, hence my face.
being intoxicated would be a better excuse...
Also, you can't really tell, but the cake decor says, "Hadyib Dyhaptyr!"
It's an inside joke from like, 20 years ago. We all get it except for Landon.  After they got done singing to me, Landon was all, "wait, what does that say?" and we were all like, "HADYIB DYHAPTYR!" and then failed to give him an explanation.  Though, I don't think he really wanted one.
I was showered with gifts, one of my favorites would have to be the Oakley's Landy gave me.  They are gorgeous, though a small part of me doesn't think I should be trusted with such a beautiful thing.  There is a reason I only own $15 pairs of sunglasses...
hot, right?
On Saturday, it was Landon's lil bro's birthday, so we all drove down to Boondocks and met up with his family to spend the day together and party it up. 
While Landon and his fam went for round two on the Mini Golf, my mom, sis and I went and blew all our tokens on a russian roulette game and made bank in tickets.  Which we traded in for those stretchy, sticky hands that you fling and they stick to walls and stuff.  Which resulted in a full out battle in the middle of Boondocks.  Only instead of walls, we were flinging them at each other's faces. It was amazing.  Those thirty cent toys were completely worth the $25 admission fees.  Especially on the drive home when my mom was defenseless against me.
We got home and we were completely exhausted.  We just sort of hung out and talked.  I got to snuggle with my pooch who I just love and adore.
He won't sleep anywhere except his little doggy bed unless I come home, then he HAS to sleep with me. I love it.  But sometimes he isn't ready for bed when I am, so he will come a couple hours later and sit on the floor by my bed and whine until I pick him up and put him under the blankets with me.  He used to jump by himself, but he is getting old and can't do it anymore.  But sometimes, I don't hear him crying for a long time and Landon is all, " something about your dog...."
On Sunday, we had a little cookout and enjoyed the nice 70 degree weather during our lunch.  We spent the rest of the day turning old books into really awesome journals.  I don't have a picture of mine right now, but I will get one up sometime soon.  They are super cool.  We seriously spent hours on them.  And Landon played "my" new Mario game that he got "me" for my birthday. And by "me" I mean "him."  
It was a spectacular birthday-weekend though.  Much needed. And now that it's Monday, I need to start planning again for this weekend.  Word on the street is that we get a four-day weekend because of the 24th.  It's Pioneer Day here in Utah for all you out-of-staters. holler. 
oh, and....
I've been slacking on my instagram countdown, but I'm still keeping track. EEP!!


  1. You share the same birthday as Wu? Did not know that, now I will never forget your birthday! Happy Birthday! I still want those sunglasses! xo

  2. Happy belated birthday!! I think that's cool you were born on Friday 13th! I actually think I get a lot of good luck on that day usually.
    Loving the sunglasses!
    I love Mario, I might play that on the morning of my birthday, I'm addicted to it!


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