Happy Place

Landon: Check out the light saber I got with my dude on Zombie Lane today.
Me: hm....cool...
Landon: And it's super powerful.
Me: .....

I bought him a brand new $350 Play Station Vita, plus memory card, plus games, plus a case for his birthday earlier this year and he has way more fun with his free Zombie Lane game on his phone.  And sometimes....I get jealous of the dumb thing.  And I get really bratty and annoyed. So there you have it. A glimpse into the personal issues of Whitney and Landon. Tune in next week when we get into what it means when Landon says, "She's just pulling a 'Whitney'" and it's not a reference to a cute quirk.

So these past couple days have been all over the place.  As you all know, I have been counting down the hours to when I got to see Wicked. Well, ladies and gentlemen, the moment finally came last night.  It was completely magical.  I just want to go watch it again and again and again.  Though, there was one downside.  The air conditioner broke (seems to happening quite frequently in my life...maybe I'm jinxed.) and it was literally 90 degrees in there.  It was ridiculous.  I ended up fashioning fans out of my WAQTC manual I was studying during intermission for Flanders and me.  That worked like a charm. Aside from the almost unbearable heat though, it was amazing.

Before Wicked though, I spent my entire day in a classroom desperately trying to memorize step-by-step procedures and formulas for this WAQTC certification I need for work.  It's funny, I've been doing all this stuff for over a year now, but I was so nervous about it, I was completely over thinking everything and psyching myself out.  I was highlighting everything, I had three and a half pages full of questions I was saving for the end of class, and I was an inch away from scribbling formulas up and down my arms.
I had to go into the bathroom today before the exam, look in the mirror and give myself a pep talk similar to this:

Didn't exactly work...but this text from Flanders did:

Landon: Good luck on your test today, baby! You'll do great, I know you will! I love you!

to which I responded,

Me: Thanks babe. I'll do my best. And if I'm not home when you get back, assume I failed and ran away.

But good news, I didn't fail. I passed! But not without looking like an idiot in a few scenarios. Ah well. won't be seeing those people again for awhile, I think I'll live it down.  But after it was over I decided I was going to use the gift cards to a day spa my mom and grandma gave me for my birthday.  I have never gotten a massage before and oh. my. gosh.
Back in 9th grade in my anger management class, they were always referring to your "happy place" and you need to go there if you're getting angry. I never really could figure it out, sure I'd think of a big comfy bed in the middle of the woods with birds singing cheerful tunes and a mega hot dude cooking for me with his shirt off... but you know....what good does that do when your about to go into a raging fit? Not a lot. Except maybe just piss you off more because it's not real? I dunno..... My point is, is that I found my real happy place today.  The full body massage was to die for. The pedicure? Just what I needed.  And the European Facial? I have a theory that they just euthanized me temporarily and for 60 minutes, I was literally in heaven.
and, I'm in love with this color.
So now, if I'm every angry or sad or jealous of stupid Zombie Lane, I'm just going to go to my new happy place.
it's settled.


  1. wasn't wicked amazing?? i loved it! and congrats on your test!!

  2. With how much those tickets cost... they totally should've refunded a discount for the air conditioning breaking! But I'm still a bit jealous you got to see it! So lucky :)

  3. Mmmm I've never had a massage either, but the way you describe it makes me feel like i need to go get one like... yesterday! haha

  4. Do you know how crazy your toes look in that picture. lol. But the color is magical and i am sure with your toes pushed back together it rocks.

  5. Haha I love that movie...but I've give myself that same pep talk. Glad we are on the page in life sometimes! I just need a little woman like that to make me costumes!

  6. I had to go back up to see how crazy your toes really looked in that picture after reading Dusty's comment.

    And I'm dying to go get a massage. I think this post finally put me over the edge to do so!

  7. hahahahahhahahahahahahaha oh my gosh!!!! light saber...classic boy.
    mmm massage so jealous definitely need one!
    check out our blog, maybe we can follow each other? :)


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