Photo Dump: Operation Girl's Day

Yesterday I had a girl's day with my old roommate/BFF Nanchang.  She and I went up to the house and swam in the pool while Flanders and Skyler took the motorcycles out for a ride.  It was a most excellent day, I managed to even out my sun burn and get some more color on my albino legs.
This is the one and only photo I got where Shadow Pups wasn't a giant blur.  He is in hard core puppy mode.  You can't see it in the picture, but I have him in a headlock.
Chang and I would lay out for a minute or two, but it was so hot we couldn't stay out of the water.
we call this the "Helga" look.
favorite picture of the day.
or maybe this one is...

after a good four hours in the pool, we decided we couldn't take much more sun so we got showered and dressed and made our way over to Park City to do some shopping.  We only took one wrong exit.  We consider that to be a feat in itself.
It was the Kimball Jct. exit that we were looking for...
We went into a leather coat shop just to look, where we found countless gems like this.
If it hadn't been $500 dollars, I may have even bought it.
I did, however, end up leaving the store with this beauty.  Couldn't help it.  It was on a mega deal, it would have been wrong not to.  Now I just need to wait til September when I actually can stand to wear a leather jacket.  I love it though. A lot.  Nanc managed to narrow down her purse selection and bought herself and gorgeous coral red leather purse.  I love it.
We bought a lot of stuff, but we don't even feel bad.  Not even a little.
and I bought Flanders a shirt so he couldn't be mad.


  1. It was a blast! Love you whit. Next time I will remember that Kimbal Junction is the same exit regardless of which direction you are coming from:)

  2. Girl's days are the best!


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