it has begun

All I have for you today is this:

football has begun.

and the game didn't end til about midnight and I have the day off of work, so I, am going  back to sleep.

Only Your Typical Wardrobe Malfunction and Other Crappy Things.

Yesterday was a serious emotional roller coaster for this gal. It started out normal. went to work, tested the rocks, had a BBQ for a dude who's retiring.  Then around two, my sister texts me saying my pet rat Scarlet is really sick and they might have to put her to sleep in the morning.  So there I am at work trying with all my might not to turn into a crying mess. Which didn't work too well.  The following couple of hours were miserable and I just wanted to go home to see her.  They kept their eye on her for the next few hours and as of now, she seems to be doing better.  But my mom, sister and I are emotional wrecks.
really wish I could be there. I'm still really upset.
To take my mind off the current situation of my baby, Landon and I went to the local Seven Peaks water park.  We bought these tickets over a month ago, but the last time we went it was so crowded we didn't even park the car.  But the park closes next Tuesday, so we used them today.  Which was genius because who goes to a water park on a Wednesday, right?  Well, there were still a lot of people there, just not an unhealthy amount. We probably got to do triple what we would have been able to do a month ago.
there is this slide there called the Sky Breaker.  Where you slide down a little bit and then it just drops straight down.  We were riding on mats on our stomachs and I swear there is a spot where the slide goes inward that completely sends you airborne.  Like, magic carpet ride airborne. Like, really bad words came out of my mouth airborne.  I was googling to see if I could find pictures of it to describe what I'm saying and I found this video of it which I think should give you a pretty good idea.
I swear that's how high you come off.  It's so freaking scary. But totally rad at the same time.  Anyway, where I am going with this story is these two dudes were in front of us a couple times for different slides.  They were really funny and we were having a great time joking around about dying and about "shizzing" our pants. Mostly they were talking about that and I was trying not to gag.  But we got in line for Sky Breaker and we were discussing how it makes you come off the slide like that.  And the one guy was all, "They call it Scoliosis Falls.  Either you have it , or it does."  And I laughed.  But I was still way nervous to go down because the time before kind of knocked the air out of me when I came back in contact with the slide.  So they were giving me emotional support, telling me to cross my legs and that will make the landing less traumatizing.  So they went, I could hear them scream all the way down. I laughed and got ready to take my turn.  I had my legs crossed, elbows in and down I went.  I screamed like a little girl all the way down and when I get to the bottom I saw the two guys waiting for me.  Waiting to hear how I liked it, I assumed.  They had these big ol' grins on their faces as I stood up out of the water,
I looked down, bam. 
boob out of suit. 
I screamed of course. Laughing my face off as I whipped around and pulled the mat I was riding on around my entire body and just stood there.  I couldn't face them.  Landon came down after me and I was all, "we have to get to the other side of the park. now."  We didn't see them the rest of the afternoon, thank goodness. At work we were talking about how you'll always see a group of guys at the bottom of the slides where suit loss is common.  So maybe they're still there...

I'm Sure You're All Dying to Know How it Went...

I went to class tonight for the first time in my whole life of "first days of school" with very low expectations.  Didn't even go back to school shopping. That's- never happened. Granted, I've always gone back to school with the idea of, "clean slate" and "I'm gonna do it this time."  And each time finals come rolling around, I'm ready to kill babies.  So this time. I didn't even try to brainwash myself. I'm settling for mediocre. 
One thing I did though, was get ready.
And I did it for one reason alone.  To prove I'm capable of being pretty.  But after tonight, I am choosing not to.  See, by the time 7:30 comes rolling around on a regular night, I've been in sweats for three hours already.  This will be the most they will ever get from me again. But, I proved it's possible.
As for class, one thing my spaz of a teacher said that stuck out to me was this:
Then I made it a picture.  Which is a clear example of the ADD I suffer from in a classroom.  It cracked me up, though. which I needed. I was in a mood.  It was decided that a good portion of Blogland was pms-ing yesterday.  Last night, when Landon and I were going to sleep I was like, "your stupid alarm clock is so freaking bright!" and Landon was all, "you can turn it down, it's on the brightest setting." And I was like, "yeah. I can tell. It's burning my retina's even with my eyelids closed." and he was like, "Stop being melodramatic." and I was all, "I'mma bust your knee caps with a metal bat."  Like I said, I was in a mood.
   But on the bright side? We're made of "star stuff" right? which doesn't make things all better. but it helps.

Craving Autumn

ok first off, if you will all look to your right, you will notice not one, but TWO brand-new less-mediocre-but-not-totally-professional-looking buttons. Take one, or both. I won't complain.  And let me know if you wanna swap. 
So I was talking to Alissa yesterday about how the trees are teasing me up here.  I work on the side of a mountain where the leaves are already beginning to change. In AUGUST! I stare out the window and I only see little dusting's of yellow and orange.  But they are out there. And I get all excited for crisp, autumn air and then I walk out the door and it's a blistering 99 degrees.  I've {always} been a summer girl.  Never have craved anything other than summer days, boating and getting tan.
gross, right?

  Staying out late playing night games with all the neighbor kids.  And sleeping on the trampoline, watching for shooting stars and satellites.  But not this year, no.  This July was the HOTTEST July in Utah's history.  And where my job (that I love with all my heart) requires that I wear jeans and work boots, gloves and a hard hat, 106 degrees every single day isn't so welcoming. I've been one constant hot mess for the past 4 months now.  I was thinking today about autumn about all the things I was excited for. like:
football season.
leaves and temperature changes.
scarves, sweaters and boots(!)
this leather jacket I bought two months ago that's been calling my name

caramel apples and apple cider
haunted houses and corn mazes
Halloween parties and dances
and buying fake cigarettes at the Halloween costume store to scare the crap out of my mom.
and let's not forget that soon after the leaves have fallen, the snow will come. aka time to shred.
[crap...gang signs and duck faces again...]

summer needs to be over.

This One Time I was in Italy

what is it, Flash Back Tuesday? I dunno. I'm behind on all the link-ups going on in Blogland.  Well, today I am flashing back to 2006 when the Winter Olympics were going on in Turin, Italy. My dad had a gig over there working with Samsung acting as an MC at all their gatherings or something.  I wasn't totally aware of the reason why we were there, I was too busy skiing in the Swiss Alps and flirting with Italian boys.
Now, with my dad having all the sweet hook-ups, we were allowed to go watch some of the Olympians practice ice skating before the event.  This video I've got is of a gold medalist practicing.  Don't remember her name. I remember she was a big deal, but as you will see, I wasn't really paying attention to the skaters.

The lady kept getting in the way of the throw down I was trying to film.  So I decided to pet her.
That was some high quality mink she had goin' on there.
what's the phrase I'm looking for here...
Tacky American?

Weekend Update

It was a busy weekend, that's for sure.  Starting with a wedding.  The second to last wedding of a friend that I care about.  Not that I don't care about other friend's weddings, but you know...mandatory that I be there sort of "caring." Anyway, I'm SO happy for him.  And his new wifey is mega hot. and They seem so happy together.
And as a duty of one of the BFFs, we had our hand in decorating the get-away car.  
Don't judge us.
this is my mom who thought blowing up condoms was a better idea than balloons.  
at this very moment, she is saying, "This better NOT end up on your blog."
I say, pay back for the Facebook hacking.
this is us. with the finished product. being immature.
like I said. don't judge.
Saturday, the day was spent up at Powder Mountain Ski Resort, watching the motocross race Skyler was supposed to be in.  But he got sick.  So we just went and watched.  I was anticipating high 90's just like it has been EVERY DAY for the past month, but it was just lovely.
it was probably low 80's with a nice breeze. If it was like that all year round, I would be the happiest camper.  And look at that hot dude next to me.  He is back to sporting the faux hawk. shex-shay.
Speaking of that one, today was his last day at ol' Garco. Crazy, right?  He got a job at Monarch Honda, selling dirt bikes.  Because he had an epiphany a couple weeks ago that his dream is to own his own dealership.  So he is getting the experience and figuring out his business plan.  And starting the path to his dream.  I'm so excited for him.  and SO scared. but mostly excited.
 Saying goodbye to his truck. He has spent more time in this puppy than any of his other vehicles in his life COMBINED!!
This is the countdown I've had on the fridge.  We hit zero today! Yay for Flanders!!

That's about it for tonight.  P.s. Blog is ALMOST done.  Thanks for not mocking me while it's been all over the place.

It's Not Mine....

I posted this on instagram just a bit ago, saying Landon got it for me.  He didn't.  It's his mom's.  But seriously, a yellow Camero is like, my dream car. So I'm mega jealous of her.  She just barely brought it home a couple hours ago, and it wasn't even parked for five minutes before we took off in it, leaving Mama Street in the dust.  Such great children, I know.
We went to dinner and to Smith's and cruised up and down Main blaring Dub Step.  And now, I know what it feels like to be a tool. 
Also, got to have a little solo-pool time before everyone got home.
which was nice because about five minutes after I was done, twenty little boy scouts came and took over.  Don't even want to know how much pee is in that pool at this moment.
I'm exhausted now. But good news, tomorrow is Friday. But probably most of you will be reading this Friday.
meh, whatever. check out this picture I found on Pinterest over Miley Cyrus' new do.  I've been meaning to bring this up, but I think this picture pretty much covers anything I could say. And it incorporates Mean Girls. 
there is no more to be said.

Manicures and HRB's

ok, the blog construction is a constant thing.  I will be experimenting here for the next little bit, so just work with me.  I have no idea what I am doing. and trying to design it and failing makes me really grumpy, and when I'm grumpy, I turn into a quitter.  There. I said it.  The reason my blog isn't done is because I'm a big, whiny brat. sorry, I'm not sorry.

on a lighter note.  I got my nails done again today.  I'm seriously loving this whole shellac deal.  Got mint green this time. Figured I'd squeeze in a few more summer colors before we head into September.
Let's say that again. Slower this time. Sep-tem-ber.  Fall is coming. Autumn is on it's way.  Oh, and I thought of you, Alissa when I saw Halloween candy and decorations on sale at the local Win-Co.  I may have gotten an HRB. And by may have, I mean I totally contemplated buying a whole bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and inhaling it. Alone. Not ashamed. Only because I didn't though.  I might be ashamed then.

Other than that, I don't have a whole lot for ya. But how about this?
in the spirit of the Olympics coming to an end.
inspiring, isn't it?

Here is What's Up.

Decided to give the ol' blog a make-over.  And now I'm at sort of a stand still.  I'll finish one day, but for now, I'm putting the face lift on pause.  So this lame piece of crap blog is what you're gonna have to  deal with for awhile.

On the flip side, had a bomb weekend with my human and his familia.  We hit up the track on Saturday with everybody. Skyler has a race this weekend and he needed to practice.  I used to go to this track a lot with my dad when I was in high school.  He would check me out of class and we'd go hit it up for a few hours.  Best way to skip school if you ask me.  It was a scorcher though.  The only way to stay remotely cool was to ride.  But then, that's a kick butt work out, so it sort of counteracts itself.  And besides just being sweaty, they have a water truck spraying down the tracks every 20 minutes to keep the dust down and the track from getting nasty so you get ridiculously muddy.  But it was the most fun I've had riding in a long time.  I love tracks.
hot mess. who cares.
After riding, we got back to Heber and immediately jumped in the pool.  And then got out five minutes later to wolf down some sandwiches.  And then jump back in the pool before we even finished chewing.  Needless to say, we were pretty exhausted.  But, the minute we got home from Heber, we showered up and hit up Texas Roadhouse with a bunch of friend's to celebrate our buddy's birthday.  Filled ourselves to capacity and then decided to go miniature golfing.  Fun fact about Whitney #812: I HATE mini golfing.  With a passion.  It's the most tedious, frustrating game in the history of the universe.  And I suck balls at it.  Which is why it was all the more surprising when I got THE most ridiculous hole in one shot, giving my friend's the false idea that I might actually be competition.  I got a roar of applause, and then wasn't recognized for any more amazing feats for the rest of the night.  I spent most of the time fishing out plastic crabs from the pond and throwing them at people.  #I'mobnoxious. 
and the rest of the time I wasn't being annoying, I was envying my bff Jordyn's mustache hat that comes with a removable mustache.  (Let's not discuss how many noses that mustache has been attached to.)  The night was finished off with Desperate Housewives on Netflix with Landy.  We seriously live for the weekends.
Then, on Sunday, we went clear the heck up to Morgan (almost two hours from our apartment) to have a BBQ at same friend's parent's house for his family birthday party. 
 It was totally worth the drive to eat the delicious food and make a bunch of new friends.  Well, at least for me.  Landon already knows them all.  But I felt pretty welcome when we ended the night sharing poop stories.  We had lots.  I also got a frisbee stuck WAY up in a pine tree.  A good 20 minutes was spent trying to get it down.
teamwork is all it takes.  
and I even held a branch back at one point.  Totally helped.
Now, it's Monday again, and we have the whole week ahead of us before we get to party again, but on the other's Safety Week at work.  Which means we get to be safe AND have fun.
can life get better? I submit that it cannot.

Photo Dump: Things I Love

I am so in love with the fact that it is Friday.  And that it is finally cooling down.  I mean, usually, I am hoping for hot weather when I come up to Hebes because of the pool, but I am so just in the relaxing mood.  My awesome boss let me take an early day and I was all about that.  Took like, a two hour nap before we came up here.  Heaven I tell you.  And now I am sitting on the balcony on the comfiest chair watching the lighting over the valley.  I like to tease Landon because he has an obsession over Heber, but I do have to admit.  This place is pretty spectacular.  And they have the best spot in the whole valley.  Here is my view at the moment.  Can't see a lot cause it's dark and rainy, but seriously, it's gorgeous right now.
Another thing I love about this place is of course, is this guy. 
he is such a goof ball.  so full of energy. and he is getting huge!
such a doll.
Ok, and like I said, it was my Mom's birthday a couple days ago and for her birthday last weekend we went up and hung out with her.  We went shopping and I found myself a steal. Sometimes, I like to be a girl.
It's taken me awhile to get on board with this high waisted stuff, but I'm finally there.
I love this outfit so much, I'd wear it to work. Not kidding.
and how about the other furry man in my life.
Photos make him grumpy.
 Speaking of my mom.  She and my sister had a great time the other night when I forgot to log out of my FB on her computer.  I get a text from my friend at 10:30 pm asking if I was high.  I had no idea what he was talking about.  I actually thought he was referring to my previous blog post and I was all, "did I not make sense?" and I was all worried I sounded high, so I took it down and had to re-read it making sure I seemed coherent.  Then, I figured out why Brant was asking if I was high...
 they had posted a weird status and commented on it, all under my name.  We then proceeded to have an argument back and forth, and now I look like a fool.
and I am also finding more and more comments all over my friend's walls that make no sense. 

 It's ridiculous.  And hilarious.  I was laughing so hard the next morning when I re-read everything.
aw, family.
So, if you see something along the lines of this on your Facebook.  Know it wasn't me.  But don't think that I don't think it's awesome.  Because it is.

A Tender Moment...

It's my Mama's birthday today.  And to celebrate, Landon and I came up to L-town to grab some dinner and go see Nitro Circus 3D.  Haven't heard of it? Check it out.
This movie is ridonculous.  Best 3D movie I have ever seen. Ever. 
Now, I'm not posting about this movie just because it was gut-wrenchingly hardcore, but because these guys introduced me into a world I would have never been brave enough to venture into alone.
Travis Pastrana, the ring leader of the Nitro Circus clan is my ultimate hero of heroes.  He is ballsy. And he is nerdy.  And he is good at what he does.  Nobody will ever be higher than Travis Pastrana in my book.  (fine. Landon is higher, but aside from him, Travis takes the cake.)  Back when I was 14, I saw the first Nitro Circus movie.  Back then, they were just dvds sold in motorcycle dealerships and Gear4Guys stores.  I remember watching them and thinking, "I would give anything to be a part of the Nitro Circus."  And up until that point, I was terrified to even touch a dirt bike.  I was strictly 4-wheelers and nothing else.  But something changed the day I watched Travis for the first time.  I stood up and told my dad it was time to get me on a bike.  And I have never gone back.  I watched those movies over and over.  I had them all memorized word for word.  I would make my friends watch them with me even though their disinterest was clear.  I didn't care.  I felt I needed to share him with everyone I knew.  I had to take over my friend's cable one night in 2006 to watch the X Games because I heard word that Travis was pulling the double back flip.  Which he did. And stole the show.  I was standing in her living room screaming.  And then crying.  And then screaming again.
history, made.
And then, in 2007, when somehow I managed to talk to the Governor's wife after a big convention, star stuck because in Nitro Circus 4 Fully Loaded, the Governor of Utah makes and appearance and I couldn't fathom even being in the same room as someone who was married to someone who knew my idol. You could imagine the hysterics I was sent into when she told me he was in town and she would introduce me to him.  
Best day of my life.
(besides my wedding day...)
Ever since I was 14, I have followed Travis religiously.  Whether it's been racing, free style, rally car and now Nascar. I've been watching from the side lines. (And now in 3D)

  And I will continue to do so because I kinda consider myself his #1 Fan.
Now everyone go support him and go see that movie.  
You're life will change for the better.


This guy....

was in my shower this morning.  I remained remotely under control and turned on the shower, watched him curl up like dying spiders do and splashed him down the drain.
Then, when I came home from work today there he was again.  He was dead when I found him.  I discovered that when I sprayed him with Lysol disinfectant spray and he didn't move. But what I'm impressed with is he managed to crawl back up the drain after a full-length and steamy shower.
If this little guy can survive that, (even if only just until he finds dry ground) then I should be able to pull through this one, right? 
I mean, no one is trying to drown me in piping hot water and Dove shampoo.

Wednesday Happenings

I didn't eat lunch today because I had a manicure appointment at my lavish, hoity toity day spa.  So I couldn't afford to get food. and it was totes worth it.  I got a gel overlay.  Kind of a happy medium between acrylics and normal nail polish.  It doesn't add length, but it does add thickness, I guess is how you describe it.
after like, five attempts of photographing my hand, I just accepted the fact that I will never be a hand model. I think every one of my fingers is disfigured. especially that pinky...yikes!
Then I drug Flanders to Sushi Ya, because I was mega craving a Summer Roll. Plus, I did my hair and make-up for once after work, I didn't want to waste it on left overs and Netflix.
Yeah. this is a once in a blue moon look here. 
I'll be honest, I just wanted to impress the girl doing my nails. And it worked. She totally bought the fact that I'm a girl.  My work here is done.
Ok, so it's Wednesday, so doesn't that mean all bloggers are supposed to do some Pinterest link up? who knows.  I'm not really good at remembering those, I just throw my Pinterest gems in there when I have nothing else to write about. Here's my fave of the day.
like, what??? hahaha I died. 
the end.

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