A Tender Moment...

It's my Mama's birthday today.  And to celebrate, Landon and I came up to L-town to grab some dinner and go see Nitro Circus 3D.  Haven't heard of it? Check it out.
This movie is ridonculous.  Best 3D movie I have ever seen. Ever. 
Now, I'm not posting about this movie just because it was gut-wrenchingly hardcore, but because these guys introduced me into a world I would have never been brave enough to venture into alone.
Travis Pastrana, the ring leader of the Nitro Circus clan is my ultimate hero of heroes.  He is ballsy. And he is nerdy.  And he is good at what he does.  Nobody will ever be higher than Travis Pastrana in my book.  (fine. Landon is higher, but aside from him, Travis takes the cake.)  Back when I was 14, I saw the first Nitro Circus movie.  Back then, they were just dvds sold in motorcycle dealerships and Gear4Guys stores.  I remember watching them and thinking, "I would give anything to be a part of the Nitro Circus."  And up until that point, I was terrified to even touch a dirt bike.  I was strictly 4-wheelers and nothing else.  But something changed the day I watched Travis for the first time.  I stood up and told my dad it was time to get me on a bike.  And I have never gone back.  I watched those movies over and over.  I had them all memorized word for word.  I would make my friends watch them with me even though their disinterest was clear.  I didn't care.  I felt I needed to share him with everyone I knew.  I had to take over my friend's cable one night in 2006 to watch the X Games because I heard word that Travis was pulling the double back flip.  Which he did. And stole the show.  I was standing in her living room screaming.  And then crying.  And then screaming again.
history, made.
And then, in 2007, when somehow I managed to talk to the Governor's wife after a big convention, star stuck because in Nitro Circus 4 Fully Loaded, the Governor of Utah makes and appearance and I couldn't fathom even being in the same room as someone who was married to someone who knew my idol. You could imagine the hysterics I was sent into when she told me he was in town and she would introduce me to him.  
Best day of my life.
(besides my wedding day...)
Ever since I was 14, I have followed Travis religiously.  Whether it's been racing, free style, rally car and now Nascar. I've been watching from the side lines. (And now in 3D)

  And I will continue to do so because I kinda consider myself his #1 Fan.
Now everyone go support him and go see that movie.  
You're life will change for the better.


  1. That's so cool that you got to meet him!
    Travis Pastrana is freaking awesome!!
    I love Nitro Circus.

  2. Happy B-day to yo moma! And your a celebrity, just look at that bicycle riding guy posing with you.


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