Craving Autumn

ok first off, if you will all look to your right, you will notice not one, but TWO brand-new less-mediocre-but-not-totally-professional-looking buttons. Take one, or both. I won't complain.  And let me know if you wanna swap. 
So I was talking to Alissa yesterday about how the trees are teasing me up here.  I work on the side of a mountain where the leaves are already beginning to change. In AUGUST! I stare out the window and I only see little dusting's of yellow and orange.  But they are out there. And I get all excited for crisp, autumn air and then I walk out the door and it's a blistering 99 degrees.  I've {always} been a summer girl.  Never have craved anything other than summer days, boating and getting tan.
gross, right?

  Staying out late playing night games with all the neighbor kids.  And sleeping on the trampoline, watching for shooting stars and satellites.  But not this year, no.  This July was the HOTTEST July in Utah's history.  And where my job (that I love with all my heart) requires that I wear jeans and work boots, gloves and a hard hat, 106 degrees every single day isn't so welcoming. I've been one constant hot mess for the past 4 months now.  I was thinking today about autumn about all the things I was excited for. like:
football season.
leaves and temperature changes.
scarves, sweaters and boots(!)
this leather jacket I bought two months ago that's been calling my name

caramel apples and apple cider
haunted houses and corn mazes
Halloween parties and dances
and buying fake cigarettes at the Halloween costume store to scare the crap out of my mom.
and let's not forget that soon after the leaves have fallen, the snow will come. aka time to shred.
[crap...gang signs and duck faces again...]

summer needs to be over.


  1. I'm on the first plane out there to visit you once it's officially fall. Scarves and boots? Apple cider, haunted houses, season?

    Now I know why we make awesome friends. This just solidified our friendship forever.

    So, I guess that means I can totally borrow your jacket, right? Right.

  2. It's not that I hate Fall...I just can't handle being offered Sam Adams Octoberfest beer and pumpkin spice candles when it is still so sweaty outside!

  3. You almost have me wanting Fall. But I'm in Canada and our summer is too short, you can't take it away from me! Because once summer's over, it's pretty much winter. Darkness, cold rains, slush, snow, wanting to curl in a ball for 4 months. I need to move. Want to send me a green card?

  4. I love everything about this season except Halloween. I have never been a big fan. I love it for the kid, but I think its because my birthday is the day after and i always was harrased about how i was born a witch or a pumpkin blah blah blah.

  5. I love football season and my boots but I don't want summer to!! I'm not ready!! :)

  6. The fake cigarettes part is funny! You look doped and probably did the trick? haha..

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

  7. I'm flattered to know that you have been thinking about me! :)
    just kidding. but really. fall is my FAVORITE. I'm definitely an October baby!


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