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Decided to give the ol' blog a make-over.  And now I'm at sort of a stand still.  I'll finish one day, but for now, I'm putting the face lift on pause.  So this lame piece of crap blog is what you're gonna have to  deal with for awhile.

On the flip side, had a bomb weekend with my human and his familia.  We hit up the track on Saturday with everybody. Skyler has a race this weekend and he needed to practice.  I used to go to this track a lot with my dad when I was in high school.  He would check me out of class and we'd go hit it up for a few hours.  Best way to skip school if you ask me.  It was a scorcher though.  The only way to stay remotely cool was to ride.  But then, that's a kick butt work out, so it sort of counteracts itself.  And besides just being sweaty, they have a water truck spraying down the tracks every 20 minutes to keep the dust down and the track from getting nasty so you get ridiculously muddy.  But it was the most fun I've had riding in a long time.  I love tracks.
hot mess. who cares.
After riding, we got back to Heber and immediately jumped in the pool.  And then got out five minutes later to wolf down some sandwiches.  And then jump back in the pool before we even finished chewing.  Needless to say, we were pretty exhausted.  But, the minute we got home from Heber, we showered up and hit up Texas Roadhouse with a bunch of friend's to celebrate our buddy's birthday.  Filled ourselves to capacity and then decided to go miniature golfing.  Fun fact about Whitney #812: I HATE mini golfing.  With a passion.  It's the most tedious, frustrating game in the history of the universe.  And I suck balls at it.  Which is why it was all the more surprising when I got THE most ridiculous hole in one shot, giving my friend's the false idea that I might actually be competition.  I got a roar of applause, and then wasn't recognized for any more amazing feats for the rest of the night.  I spent most of the time fishing out plastic crabs from the pond and throwing them at people.  #I'mobnoxious. 
and the rest of the time I wasn't being annoying, I was envying my bff Jordyn's mustache hat that comes with a removable mustache.  (Let's not discuss how many noses that mustache has been attached to.)  The night was finished off with Desperate Housewives on Netflix with Landy.  We seriously live for the weekends.
Then, on Sunday, we went clear the heck up to Morgan (almost two hours from our apartment) to have a BBQ at same friend's parent's house for his family birthday party. 
 It was totally worth the drive to eat the delicious food and make a bunch of new friends.  Well, at least for me.  Landon already knows them all.  But I felt pretty welcome when we ended the night sharing poop stories.  We had lots.  I also got a frisbee stuck WAY up in a pine tree.  A good 20 minutes was spent trying to get it down.
teamwork is all it takes.  
and I even held a branch back at one point.  Totally helped.
Now, it's Monday again, and we have the whole week ahead of us before we get to party again, but on the other's Safety Week at work.  Which means we get to be safe AND have fun.
can life get better? I submit that it cannot.


  1. I'm glad you didn't get a cramp from the eating and swimming. I hear those cramps are vicious. I've never been on a dirtbike, or done anything at all like that, but you make it sound really fun (minus the heat). So now I kind of want to try!

  2. Hehe Flanders...always so handsome with that grin. I like your new buttons with the Twitter bird! Can't wait to see the finished blog product! :)

  3. I love your blog, so you can do whatever you want to it, I'm never leaving.

    Also, a hat that has a removable mustache? I have never heard of such a thing. I want one!

  4. I must be nuts. I know I clucked your blog Monday and it was under construction still. But I am glad your back. I am also exhausted from this. You need too learn the fatass lazy method.

  5. hey lady! I just came across a very sweet comment you left on my blog a while back and it made my day! Just wanted to pop by and thank you for it:)
    so thanks!

    take care:)


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