I'm Sure You're All Dying to Know How it Went...

I went to class tonight for the first time in my whole life of "first days of school" with very low expectations.  Didn't even go back to school shopping. That's- never happened. Granted, I've always gone back to school with the idea of, "clean slate" and "I'm gonna do it this time."  And each time finals come rolling around, I'm ready to kill babies.  So this time. I didn't even try to brainwash myself. I'm settling for mediocre. 
One thing I did though, was get ready.
And I did it for one reason alone.  To prove I'm capable of being pretty.  But after tonight, I am choosing not to.  See, by the time 7:30 comes rolling around on a regular night, I've been in sweats for three hours already.  This will be the most they will ever get from me again. But, I proved it's possible.
As for class, one thing my spaz of a teacher said that stuck out to me was this:
Then I made it a picture.  Which is a clear example of the ADD I suffer from in a classroom.  It cracked me up, though. which I needed. I was in a mood.  It was decided that a good portion of Blogland was pms-ing yesterday.  Last night, when Landon and I were going to sleep I was like, "your stupid alarm clock is so freaking bright!" and Landon was all, "you can turn it down, it's on the brightest setting." And I was like, "yeah. I can tell. It's burning my retina's even with my eyelids closed." and he was like, "Stop being melodramatic." and I was all, "I'mma bust your knee caps with a metal bat."  Like I said, I was in a mood.
   But on the bright side? We're made of "star stuff" right? which doesn't make things all better. but it helps.


  1. I love that quote - never heard it before!

    I'm glad I wasn't the only one in a mood yesterday! Oh, and psshhh about you proving that you can look pretty. You always do, duh.

  2. Like that quote!

    I just redid my blog, you now listed under my fav peeps! feel free to check it out,

  3. I love that quote.

    I started my period yesterday... I think all of blogland is trying to get on the same "schedule" or something, because you're right -- everyone is PMS'ing!

  4. Haha I love how hard core you are!! Pretty much my fav thing about you! And you look gorgeous!! :)

  5. ummmm....ok!
    i just found your blog and I LOVE it!! love your honesty!
    I would love to have you be one of my September sponsors, if you're interested (it's FREE)

    xo - ashley


  6. omg that quote made me laugh! yay for crazy teachers xD

  7. i still have that blogland pms from yesterday. still have it. shit is STILL not together. not sorry.


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