It's Not Mine....

I posted this on instagram just a bit ago, saying Landon got it for me.  He didn't.  It's his mom's.  But seriously, a yellow Camero is like, my dream car. So I'm mega jealous of her.  She just barely brought it home a couple hours ago, and it wasn't even parked for five minutes before we took off in it, leaving Mama Street in the dust.  Such great children, I know.
We went to dinner and to Smith's and cruised up and down Main blaring Dub Step.  And now, I know what it feels like to be a tool. 
Also, got to have a little solo-pool time before everyone got home.
which was nice because about five minutes after I was done, twenty little boy scouts came and took over.  Don't even want to know how much pee is in that pool at this moment.
I'm exhausted now. But good news, tomorrow is Friday. But probably most of you will be reading this Friday.
meh, whatever. check out this picture I found on Pinterest over Miley Cyrus' new do.  I've been meaning to bring this up, but I think this picture pretty much covers anything I could say. And it incorporates Mean Girls. 
there is no more to be said.


  1. That car is hawt. Let's cruise!

    UM, the comment about Miley? So damn true. I am dying right now. EWW that picture of her is nasty.

    Happy Friday! :)

  2. The car can star the next Fast and Furious movie.

    Miley new do look really weird. Seriously. What's that??

  3. That comment about Miley... so funny. Mean, but funny. I'm still trying to figure out why anyone cares about her anymore?

  4. Her hair sucks ass that's all there is too it.

  5. mileys new do. its killin me.


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