Only Your Typical Wardrobe Malfunction and Other Crappy Things.

Yesterday was a serious emotional roller coaster for this gal. It started out normal. went to work, tested the rocks, had a BBQ for a dude who's retiring.  Then around two, my sister texts me saying my pet rat Scarlet is really sick and they might have to put her to sleep in the morning.  So there I am at work trying with all my might not to turn into a crying mess. Which didn't work too well.  The following couple of hours were miserable and I just wanted to go home to see her.  They kept their eye on her for the next few hours and as of now, she seems to be doing better.  But my mom, sister and I are emotional wrecks.
really wish I could be there. I'm still really upset.
To take my mind off the current situation of my baby, Landon and I went to the local Seven Peaks water park.  We bought these tickets over a month ago, but the last time we went it was so crowded we didn't even park the car.  But the park closes next Tuesday, so we used them today.  Which was genius because who goes to a water park on a Wednesday, right?  Well, there were still a lot of people there, just not an unhealthy amount. We probably got to do triple what we would have been able to do a month ago.
there is this slide there called the Sky Breaker.  Where you slide down a little bit and then it just drops straight down.  We were riding on mats on our stomachs and I swear there is a spot where the slide goes inward that completely sends you airborne.  Like, magic carpet ride airborne. Like, really bad words came out of my mouth airborne.  I was googling to see if I could find pictures of it to describe what I'm saying and I found this video of it which I think should give you a pretty good idea.
I swear that's how high you come off.  It's so freaking scary. But totally rad at the same time.  Anyway, where I am going with this story is these two dudes were in front of us a couple times for different slides.  They were really funny and we were having a great time joking around about dying and about "shizzing" our pants. Mostly they were talking about that and I was trying not to gag.  But we got in line for Sky Breaker and we were discussing how it makes you come off the slide like that.  And the one guy was all, "They call it Scoliosis Falls.  Either you have it , or it does."  And I laughed.  But I was still way nervous to go down because the time before kind of knocked the air out of me when I came back in contact with the slide.  So they were giving me emotional support, telling me to cross my legs and that will make the landing less traumatizing.  So they went, I could hear them scream all the way down. I laughed and got ready to take my turn.  I had my legs crossed, elbows in and down I went.  I screamed like a little girl all the way down and when I get to the bottom I saw the two guys waiting for me.  Waiting to hear how I liked it, I assumed.  They had these big ol' grins on their faces as I stood up out of the water,
I looked down, bam. 
boob out of suit. 
I screamed of course. Laughing my face off as I whipped around and pulled the mat I was riding on around my entire body and just stood there.  I couldn't face them.  Landon came down after me and I was all, "we have to get to the other side of the park. now."  We didn't see them the rest of the afternoon, thank goodness. At work we were talking about how you'll always see a group of guys at the bottom of the slides where suit loss is common.  So maybe they're still there...



    I am laughing so hard right now.

    That's horrible, but so funny at the same time!!

    I'm going to go read it again...

  2. i completely meant to respond to your email yesterday about your rat. i completely did. something sidetracked me and now i can't remember what and i feel like my shit is even MORE SO not together.

    and then there's your boob story. that i am going to go read again.

  3. you gotta tame those girls. haha.

  4. i would totally scream like a girl if i went down that slide. your too brave for me missy.

  5. No freaking way! You totally made their I would never go down that slide EVER.

    I hope Scarlet is feeling better!

  6. Gurl!! We've got some ta-ta's and they are bound to fall out so with that said I'm glad that you are safe.

  7. Oh my goodness whit! Haha how funny!!! Good thing you didn't have to see them again! Wow ! And so sorry about scarlet:(. Miss ya girl !!!

  8. i hope scarlet is on her way to getting better!!!!

    xo - ashley.


  9. And by laugh at this post, I don't mean about your rat, because I hope everything is okay!

    But your boob. That's making me laugh.

  10. Oh man, that is a very traumatic day! The last story is a bit funny for us, though, I must say.


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