This One Time I was in Italy

what is it, Flash Back Tuesday? I dunno. I'm behind on all the link-ups going on in Blogland.  Well, today I am flashing back to 2006 when the Winter Olympics were going on in Turin, Italy. My dad had a gig over there working with Samsung acting as an MC at all their gatherings or something.  I wasn't totally aware of the reason why we were there, I was too busy skiing in the Swiss Alps and flirting with Italian boys.
Now, with my dad having all the sweet hook-ups, we were allowed to go watch some of the Olympians practice ice skating before the event.  This video I've got is of a gold medalist practicing.  Don't remember her name. I remember she was a big deal, but as you will see, I wasn't really paying attention to the skaters.

The lady kept getting in the way of the throw down I was trying to film.  So I decided to pet her.
That was some high quality mink she had goin' on there.
what's the phrase I'm looking for here...
Tacky American?


  1. you really did pet her. i love that.

  2. If you wear animal, you are asking to be pet. Petted? Irrelevant. Let's talk about how you went to Italy like a boss. Jealous.

  3. look at you all blogged out in perfection. love it.


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