Wednesday Happenings

I didn't eat lunch today because I had a manicure appointment at my lavish, hoity toity day spa.  So I couldn't afford to get food. and it was totes worth it.  I got a gel overlay.  Kind of a happy medium between acrylics and normal nail polish.  It doesn't add length, but it does add thickness, I guess is how you describe it.
after like, five attempts of photographing my hand, I just accepted the fact that I will never be a hand model. I think every one of my fingers is disfigured. especially that pinky...yikes!
Then I drug Flanders to Sushi Ya, because I was mega craving a Summer Roll. Plus, I did my hair and make-up for once after work, I didn't want to waste it on left overs and Netflix.
Yeah. this is a once in a blue moon look here. 
I'll be honest, I just wanted to impress the girl doing my nails. And it worked. She totally bought the fact that I'm a girl.  My work here is done.
Ok, so it's Wednesday, so doesn't that mean all bloggers are supposed to do some Pinterest link up? who knows.  I'm not really good at remembering those, I just throw my Pinterest gems in there when I have nothing else to write about. Here's my fave of the day.
like, what??? hahaha I died. 
the end.


  1. I've been getting shellac on my nails and loving it.
    A lot less painless to peel off then acrylic.
    And now I want sushi.

  2. I'm a big fan of the shellac manicure. They usually last a really long time. As long as one of my nails doesn't get too long and break. Then I have to cut the rest to the same length.
    I'm digging the curls! How do you get them?

  3. Lov the nails, cute color, tagged you in a post check it out

  4. Look at you and that adorable hair do. Looking hot snot my friend.

  5. You sooo can't waste that hair and makeup on netflix! I hate when that happens! Love the curls on you too!

  6. who's a good doggie....who's a good doggie? FETCH boy!

  7. Um. . .love your rings! And you make me laugh. Every time.


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