Weekend Update

It was a busy weekend, that's for sure.  Starting with a wedding.  The second to last wedding of a friend that I care about.  Not that I don't care about other friend's weddings, but you know...mandatory that I be there sort of "caring." Anyway, I'm SO happy for him.  And his new wifey is mega hot. and They seem so happy together.
And as a duty of one of the BFFs, we had our hand in decorating the get-away car.  
Don't judge us.
this is my mom who thought blowing up condoms was a better idea than balloons.  
at this very moment, she is saying, "This better NOT end up on your blog."
I say, pay back for the Facebook hacking.
this is us. with the finished product. being immature.
like I said. don't judge.
Saturday, the day was spent up at Powder Mountain Ski Resort, watching the motocross race Skyler was supposed to be in.  But he got sick.  So we just went and watched.  I was anticipating high 90's just like it has been EVERY DAY for the past month, but it was just lovely.
it was probably low 80's with a nice breeze. If it was like that all year round, I would be the happiest camper.  And look at that hot dude next to me.  He is back to sporting the faux hawk. shex-shay.
Speaking of that one, today was his last day at ol' Garco. Crazy, right?  He got a job at Monarch Honda, selling dirt bikes.  Because he had an epiphany a couple weeks ago that his dream is to own his own dealership.  So he is getting the experience and figuring out his business plan.  And starting the path to his dream.  I'm so excited for him.  and SO scared. but mostly excited.
 Saying goodbye to his truck. He has spent more time in this puppy than any of his other vehicles in his life COMBINED!!
This is the countdown I've had on the fridge.  We hit zero today! Yay for Flanders!!

That's about it for tonight.  P.s. Blog is ALMOST done.  Thanks for not mocking me while it's been all over the place.


  1. Loving this layout! And congratulations to your husband for following his dreams. Most people aren't brave enough to step out and do the things they dream about.

  2. Well you are still in the dirt business...so it's all the same right? :)

  3. I almost choked on a chip laughing at the picture of the car decoration finished product. Very creative pose.


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