10 awesome things on my 4 day weekend

I got my nails done on Friday. Where I fessed up to my nail technician that I dress up when I go there to impress her. And then I bought that turquoise bracelet from an aura reader. It was a steal.
despite the high temperature, the leaves suggest that summer is on it's last leg. Every morning there's a little more red in the mountains.
Saturday we spent the afternoon at Swiss Days up in Midway. Where we ate our food in proportions to that of a 500lb man. and we bought many hand-crafted treasures.
The reward he gets for buying me things.
Our "street sign." I'm in love. 
mittens made from old sweaters. they are SO soft. and warm. and they are sitting on my dresser. Just begging for it to snow. Today's high of 90 isn't so promising.
Monday we spent our Labor Day floating on the Provo river.  Which is why I didn't write a post yesterday.  That river took a toll on me. Our set up was definitely...creative. I would say. Ghetto is what Landon called it.
From our misfitted life jackets...
to our tubes tied together with bailing wire.

That tube situation is why I was basically destroyed on the river.  When I sat down on it when just entering the river, it dumped me off backwards into the powerful current and I was dragged for about 30 feet through boulders.  The size of the bruise on my butt is comparable to a small dog. oh, AND I put sunscreen all over my body EXCEPT for the back of my legs because I assumed I would be sitting on my butt.  But the only way possible to stay on those tubes was to lay on your stomach.  So two hours later, from my cheeks to my feet, I am completely fried. The tan line is so bad, it looks like I'm wearing whitey tighty's.  Now despite the bad stuff I just whined about, we actually had a really great time.  But I think I'm good as far floating the Provo river goes for the next few years.

The best part about the weekend though, was getting to spend it with this guy.
Sexy Flanders.


  1. Oush... I really hope you heal fast from bruises! Everything other than that sounds pretty amazing!

  2. I bet it hurts to sit down! haha. That really sucks!

  3. Ouuuccch....

    Seriously, I'm drooling. That food looks so good, I can't even handle looking at it right in the eye.

    If baked potatoes had eyes.

  4. Looks like a fun weekend! I love that pic with the too small lifejacket - too funny!

  5. If anyone asks you tell them your bringing sexy back. No one will ever guess you didn't put sunscreen on. Well....

  6. You nearly died in that river. But at least your nails looked great!

  7. Great pictures! Looks like ya'll had a fabulous weekend. And love the manicure!


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